Have an Xbox 360? Now you can order your Pizza Hut with a controller, voice commands, or motion controls


I never thought this day would come but now it’s finally here… Now I can order pizza using my video game console! Finally.

Kidding aside, this is actually a neat idea. Microsoft’s Xbox team has partnered with Pizza Hut to create an app that is the first of its kind — a dedicated app that can purchase physical goods straight a video game console. The entire Pizza Hut menu is available from within the app: pizzas, breadsticks, wings and pasta. You’ll also be able to build your own customized pizzas, which you can see in the image above.

But perhaps the best part of this entire experience will be accessible to those who own Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller. The entire Xbox interface can be navigated with just your voice or hand gestures, and the same is true for this app. Is there anything more futuristic than plopping yourself down on your couch and going, “Xbox. Order a large pan pizza with pepperoni and ham.”? Or waving your hand around in front of your TV and having a pizza delivered to you in less than 30 minutes? The answer is no. There just isn’t anything like it.

Xbox’s Larry Hyrb puts it best in a statement he gave to Polygon:

“Xbox Live is a tremendous force in the living room. With all the streaming you can do and the games you can play… It’s not necessarily about bringing in next-gen, it’s about what’s right for the living room space.”

And what could be more right for the living room than some pizza, right Larry?

 [via Polygon]

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