Discovery and TLC apps updated for iPad, adds second screen experience to go along with your Mythbusters


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Tablets are the future. While they may not be the perfect tool to replace a desktop, at least not yet, there are some pretty remarkable things they can do. For example, one of the coolest features now being implemented by a lot of TV channels, is that they offer apps that sync with existing content and utilize your tablet as a second screen. More specifically, while you watch a show, related information and content is synched to your tablet so that you can interact in ways you never have before.

Discovery and TLC have just updated their new apps to offer exclusive content that compliments any show on their network. Unfortunately, the new apps labeled Discovery Plus and TLC Plus are only available for the iPad with iPhone compatibility coming at a later date. Sorry Android fans, there’s no word on an Android version yet.

The new apps will audio sync with live broadcasts or recorded sessions from a DVR, in order to provide behind the scenes information, exclusive photos, fan quizzes and more. Of course, the apps will also allow you to browse an updated schedule of air times, or see what’s coming up next while you’re watching a show.

It’s an innovative idea, and I already take advantage of similar technology while I’m watching Game of Thrones on Sunday nights. I can confirm that having a second screen and interactive app to go along with the show adds to the overall experience. HBO Go delivers exclusive content right to my Android tablet while I’m watching. Although, sometimes I do like to leave my tablet off so that I may enjoy the show in a traditional manner.

Do you think interactive apps like this will entice you to use your tablet more often? I’m sure these companies generate some kind of ad revenue while you’re using a second screen, so they probably want you using that interactive app as much as possible.

Have you tried out the latest version of the Discovery Plus and TLC Plus apps on your iPad? Have you ever used something similar? Please share your experience in the comments!

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