This is why you should backup your data [Image]


Ouch. I wonder if the thief took up the offer.

[via Reddit]

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  • [@davidroper] You must have been on the Special AOL List. I got some tin cans (useless), and some DVD cases, which I use a lot. If only I had a use for a couple hundred CDs….hmm, a solar cooker? I gotta try that.

  • davidroper

    Col, do you remember when they put the AOL CDs in little wooden CD boxes? That was a nice treat to keep valuable CDs in. Wish I could find what I did with them.

  • Col. Panek

    [@Ashraf] It would be great if AOL mailed out memory sticks to everyone in the USA! I used AOL floppies for many years. When the CDs came out, they were useless except for coasters and to scare deer away from the garden.

    I’ve seen some “throwaway” drive ideas but no prices. I suspect the chip price is much greater than the cardboard housing, so using plastic to make a reuseable one is a much better idea.

  • Ashraf

    [@davidroper] Problem is:

    a) Shipping costs would increase the price past what most people would want to pay
    b) The logistics would be insane

    Good idea, though, and thanks for the feedback!

  • davidroper


    These small 1GB and 2GB Flashdrives are available for imprints for advertising purposes – promotional items for Companies to give away for advertising. I was just (halfway) joking that DotTech could have 500-1000 of these (cheaper the more bought) could have these FOR SALE to us poor followers of DotTech for a profit. You buy 1000 at $1.50 and I’ll buy 20 from you at $3.00. You won’t have to GIVE them away.

    They last longer than Tee Shirts (and no size fit worries) Use the bubble wrap envelopes at Staples that are normally used to send CDs in the mail. They are small and padded with air in plastic bubbles. Postage extra.

    You could the put the BEST OF ASHRAF programs on it. DotTech rules!

  • citizenearth

    I think he would not get any response from the thief. Why would the thief expose himself? So bad luck to the victim.

  • Ashraf

    [@davidroper] Have what as advertising? Sorry, you lost me.

  • naveed


    I have some old 32MB & 64MB ones from way back – not worth going and looking for it.

    Your story is definitely worse than mine – I did lose some irreplaceable photos, but I’m not a pro or anything, so not worth $100 you lost today or back then. All kinds of people, sigh.

  • davidroper

    Cheapest I could find with Free Shipping was $2.50 to $4 for almost any size 1GB to 4GB but you have to buy 80 to 100 or more (1000). That prices me out. I would love to have 10-20 of them @$2.50 – $3 shipped – any size.

    Maybe some rich person could buy 1000 and let us buy them from him or her. We pay postage – US mail Manilla CD padded envelope.

    Ashraf, does DotTech need to have DotTech 2 GB FlashDrives as advertising?

    I Googled “Cheap Flash 1Gb drives” and found all this info.

  • Jim Van Damme

    [@davidroper] I’d like to find a source for cheap 1-2 GB flash memory. I put Linux distros on ’em to try out, and backup. Why use a 8 GB when a small one will do?

  • davidroper


    Naveed, when I was much younger (69 now) in college, I was selling my Range Finder Minolta (in 1967) to a person (with a crowd of 3 he had brought with him) for $100 cash. He asked to hold it and I let him, of course. The next thing I remember he handed me the camera and said “What’s wrong with it?”

    He had twisted off the lens from the front thinking it was a SLR camera. Broke it in 10 seconds. Poor camera. It was like new.

    I got neither the $100, nor the chance to sell it to anyone else. He actually ran back to his car with his friends.

    You got off lucky.

  • davidroper


    Good point, indeed.

  • davidroper


    Where do you buy a 32MB card anymore? 4GB is the least I see anywhere.
    Iwould love to own a few of these to give away Freeware programs to friends.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    The student is lucky not to have lost their data before now. It sucks for them, but I’d wager they become OCD about backups going forward.

  • Susanne

    I feel sorrier for the unsuspecting company that hires this dude after he does manage to graduate. 5 years of a PhD program — giving him, what, maybe 10 or 11 years of college, total, so far — and he hasn’t the wits to back up his data? Wouldn’t want him in my lab.

  • midwest guy

    Yep…you need to back up your data. So this poor student has learned a painful lesson. But, at the same time, let’s don’t let the offender off the hook. That low-life took it upon himself, or herself, to steal something. What a loser. I hope the thief gets caught.

  • naveed

    Poor guy.

    I once sold a camera on craigslist. The buyer wanted to test the camera and didn’t have a memory card to test on, so I went in got my 8GB card (which was a high capacity back then) and put it in. It tested fine and he went away with the memory card which had photos that I needed.

    I tried to contact him several times to keep the card and just send me the photos, but he wouldn’t respond.

    Nowadays if I need to sell a camera, I make sure to carry a 32 MB, yes 32 Mega Bytes card with me to test – if I lose it, no worries.