Voice-to-text is just as dangerous as texting while driving, according to study


You’d think that because you weren’t using your hands to text, all these new fancy voice-to-text options we have today would be safer, right? A new study suggests that this might actually be wrong, and it could be just as dangerous typing a text message the old-fashioned way while you drive.

The Texas Transportation Institute has revealed that a recent study of theirs that compares voice-to-text and traditional text messaging shows that reaction time by drivers was still slowed down when they were trying to send a message. And because voice-to-text isn’t exactly where we’d like it to be today, it can actually take longer due to the need to correct errors. Head of the research, Christine Yager, says that “You’re still using your mind to try to think of what you’re trying to say, and that by proxy causes some driving impairment, and that¬†decreases your response time.”

She also added that the biggest concern here is the fact that drivers felt safer when using voice-to-text, even when their reaction times were still adversely affected. That doesn’t sound very good.

The important lesson here is probably: texting while driving isn’t very safe, regardless of the method you use. If you absolutely have to send a message, maybe it’s best to wait for a stop light. Drive safe dotTechies!

[via Reuters, Engadget]

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