You’ll be able to wink to take photos using Google Glass, according to device code


We’re all pretty aware what Google’s Glass project is capable of at this point, and those lucky few who already have their hands on the device have been kind of enough to rub it in our faces. But it looks like those online videos and official spec sheets haven’t quite revealed everything Glass is capable of.

One particular bar in Seattle won’t be too pleased when they find out that a user on Reddit has dug up an interesting little feature that hasn’t been put to use just yet. The code references “eye gestures” for Google Glass to take advantage of, more specifically, to take pictures — with a wink.


To avoid the device taking pictures every second (we humans need to blink pretty often), it looks like you’ll be able to calibrate when this gesture will trigger a shot. This is a much more subtle way of taking pictures when compared to saying, “Okay Glass, take a picture” every single time. But why Google hasn’t made use of this existing code, let alone mention it, remains unknown. Perhaps they could be waiting for all the privacy issues concerning Glass to die down, because it’s already pretty bad as it is and an even stealthier way to take pictures isn’t going to make things any better on that front.

But for now, watch out. Taking creepy photos of that attractive individual is going to get a lot easier when or if this feature ever rolls around — or it could get weirder, since you’ll be winking at the person.

[via Reddit, Ars Technica]

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  • Louis

    I have to agree with you.

    I’ve not even adjusted (i.e. become comfortable that any Tom Dick & Harry can snap me wherever and when ever they want with their cellphone — let alone third parties I don’t even know tagging me using my real name on FaceBook when I don’t even have a ‘real name’ account with them for that very same reason) –

    I’m one of those who just don’t like my picture taken in general, in fact I still, and always will, be of the opinion that it’s MY right to decide whether someone may take a picture of me or not, but that’s another matter)

    However, this IS taking things too far, no matter how long it takes ‘for things to cool down’.

    I honestly can’t say how I’ll react if someone with a Google Glass winks while looking in my general direction (I’m sure the camera will have a wide enough arc to include me even if who-ever isn’t looking directly at me while winking) … and I’m not prone to violence, but many others who feel about this might be ….

    This is really going to open up some philosophical debates — who does that picture on that Google Glass belong to, assuming you or me aren’t public figures ? Can we demand to see the picture apparently taken ? Have it deleted ? Without being able to be retrieved later with some or other recovery software ? If refused, can we smash the Glass if the owner isn’t co-operating ?

    Note I haven’t yet suggested anything about smashing the owner :-)

    My point really here isn’t about violence (only half-kidding about that) — it’s about where does invading privacy to the extent of invading a stranger’s personal space starts ?

    Me thinks this may be just where the line is positively crossed.

    Is this REALLY going to become acceptable for the mainstream public ?

    Google should really have waited with this thing, they aren’t above the laws and standards of society — things that should be publicly debated, and reasonably should not be allowed on a device like this, should be made impossible with hardware safeguards before it goes to market.

    Did you just wink at me ?

  • Warb

    Privacy is the issue.

  • SilenceIsGolden

    Considering those things, I can pretty much guess who works at Google: male, 18-30, single — and not intent on changing that. I hope some smart women out are working feverishly on a Google Glasses Scrambler or Shield. Please!