Official Google Glass how-to video shows you exactly how to use one [Video]


Google has previously said that consumer versions of Google Glass aren’t due until another year from now, meaning that most people will only get the chance to own one sometime in 2014. Developers and “Explorers” on the other hand, have been showing off for awhile now. And after seeing so much coverage of Google Glass, I thought I pretty much knew how to use the thing — turns out I was wrong.

Released through a brand new official Project Glass YouTube channel, Google’s how-to video walks you through all the basics of using the device. What’s it like? Pretty intuitive actually. Things that are on the left of the display are things in the future: meetings that you have scheduled or boarding information for your flights. Everything on the right is from the past: photos, videos or messages. You navigate menus by swiping left, right, or down on the touchpad and perform actions by tapping on it. If you want, you can also do these things using your voice.

Besides showing me how to use Glass, the video just got me a little more excited for it. What do you think? Comment and let us know!

[via Project Glass]

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  • Tom

    Share with one of your three friends? But I have 1000+ contacts… that’s a lot of scrolling…

  • Enrique

    [@Darcy] I’m sure that by the time the consumer version rolls around, Google will have this thing do all sorts of other things, especially with Android phones.

    I just want one for Google Maps in the car, it sounds perfect for that :)

  • I like some of the concepts of Google Glass, just still not sure I would want one. If it could interface as a heads up device for other tech I would probably be drooling over it. =)