Life through Google’s eyes: A depressing video about our Google searches [Video]


Looking through a person’s browsing history will probably tell you a lot about them. So could looking at Google search autocompletes tell you a lot about everybody? I’m not sure I can answer that for sure — but who knows, maybe it can.

YouTube user Marius B. has created a fascinating video titled “Life through Google’s eyes,” that looks at Google autocompletes as a sort of anonymous profile of the people that use the service. Which is a lot of people. To make sure that the results aren’t skewed in some way to a user’s account, Marius B. performed the searches through a Incognito tab, with no user signed in, no browser history and a paid VPN targeting the US.

The results? Pretty depressing. Take a look:

It’s worrying how so many young people appear to be or at least think they’re pregnant. It’s also pretty depressing that some people have no friends, and feel like they have to type it in a search box, possibly hoping for an answer to their problem.

If that made you sad, I apologize. Here’s the best cat video on the internet to cheer you up.

[via Gizmodo]

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