This is hilarious: ‘Internet Password Minder’ is a “secure” password storage notebook [Video]

LMAO! I cant stop laughing at that product. I wonder how many people actually bought it.

Folks, I understand some people have issues remembering passwords — especially the more senior people among us. However, having a notebook that stores all your passwords, alphabetically no less, is a terrible way to help you remember passwords. A password manager program is not perfect but it is a much better way to help you remember passwords.

[via Naked Security]

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  • RealBull

    Well I’m sure people who don’t know much about computers will buy this. They are the target audience. Anyway it was a funny video.

  • jayesstee

    [@Ashraf] Good find!
    Proves that the widely held belief that Americans don’t understand irony, is totally wrong.

  • Louis

    It’s ridiculous, no doubt.

    But here’s what happened at the IRS of the country I worked (not USA) : We had cutting edge IT systems, in fact, too many of them : One for getting in your laptop (it was a TrueCrypt type of software, only commercial, full hd encryption) / One for getting past the passsword protected screensaver / One for accessing the organisation’s Intranet / One for accessing the HR portal / one for accessing the actual revenue system, on which your work was done / one for your email account / etc, there were another two or three others .

    The killer : The IT dept was very serious about the security of the establishment (rightly so, as half the country’s financial and other info were on the system),however they were somewhat overzealous:

    The good : forcing you to pick a password of no less than 9 characters, must include at least 2 numbers, 2 special characters, 2 lowercase letters, 2 capital letters, for each system (and never the same for any two or more systems).

    The bad : This had to be changed (for all the systems) every 4 weeks, regardless of whether you’ve been in the office or not — I was an auditor, sometimes away for weeks at a time), and you could not ‘recycle’ ones you’ve used before (no matter how long ago, they stored old ones, and blocked you).

    The end result : There was no way under heaven in this lifetime any sane person could keep up …..

    So guess where these passwords inevitably ended up ?

    Yep … remember it would be no use keeping it on a file on your laptop, as you needed at least one of the everchanging passwords to get in to your pc first : for those that still bothered with a diary, normally on the last page, for those in a hurry (mea culpa !) at the back of your monthly planner deskpad …

    No, the IT had tight control over individual workstations, you couldn’t install any third party software on your laptop / pc workstation, they did that centrally, and never did install password manager software, which they regarded as a security weakness (!), despite our complaints …

    So much for tight security at arguably one of the institutions that needed it most !

    In fact, this is what one of the foremost cryptography experts, Bruce Schneier, has to say on this subject :

    “Simply, people can no longer remember passwords good enough to reliably defend against dictionary attacks, and are much more secure if they choose a password too complicated to remember and then write it down. We’re all good at securing small pieces of paper. I recommend that people write their passwords down on a small piece of paper, and keep it with their other valuable small pieces of paper: in their wallet. ”
    Reference :

    I don’t know …..

    Personally, I’ve tried many of the top password keeping software, but finally found one that’s just perfect for me, and which I’ve been using for more than 5 years now, called “KeyWallet”.

  • KMHamm

    And I wish I’D thought of it!!!

  • Ashraf

    [@Seamus McSeamus] Hehe

    [@J.L.] Who, Ellen? She isn’t associated with this product; she is a talk show host who is mocking it.

  • J.L.

    She looks very serious indeed.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    But if I put this marvelous notebook filled with my passwords in my desk drawer, it will be secure then, right? I guess I could just use the same password for everything… I’ll choose something really cool like “secret” or “password”. No one will guess those!!