This is what it’s really like using Google Glass [Video]


We’ve all seen what it looks like to be using Google Glass at this point. Google showed us, and the lucky few who got their hands on the $1500 Explorer Edition have showed us as well. But those were either videos with a UI overlay designed by Google to show off its device, or people taking videos with Glass.

In a great video walkthrough provided by Android Police, we can get a glimpse of what it’d actually be like using Glass’ interface. No hot air balloons or roller coasters here, just a simple and detailed look at what you’d see in the corner of your eye if you had Google Glass.

So far it looks like the UI that Google has designed for Glass looks to be fairly intuitive to use, but what I’m most impressed by is how well it does recognizing your voice commands at a fast pace — in quick succession, no less. Now we’ll just have to wait a year before we can actually buy one of these things.

[via Android Police]

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