Diet Coke’s Slender Vender is the world’s thinnest vending machine


Coca-Cola’s new promotional video for Diet Coke is probably the most fitting thing they could do for the popular sugar-free soft-drink. In collaboration with Ogilvy & Mather Paris, they’ve built the Slender Vender. They claim that it’s the world’s thinnest vending machine — and I believe them, just look at that thing!

The company touts that it fits where no other machine can, and it shows up in places you’d least expect. A vending machine for soda in a gym is kind of strange of place to be, but that’s not what stuck with me after watching the video. What I can’t stop thinking about is, is that thing handing out free sodas to everybody?? If so, I’d sure love a Slender Vender where I live — world’s thinnest or not, free soda is good soda. Check out the Slender Vender in the video below:

[via Coca-Cola, Gizmodo]

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