Diet Coke’s Slender Vender is the world’s thinnest vending machine


Coca-Cola’s new promotional video for Diet Coke is probably the most fitting thing they could do for the popular sugar-free soft-drink. In collaboration with Ogilvy & Mather Paris, they’ve built the Slender Vender. They claim that it’s the world’s thinnest vending machine — and I believe them, just look at that thing!

The company touts that it fits where no other machine can, and it shows up in places you’d least expect. A vending machine for soda in a gym is kind of strange of place to be, but that’s not what stuck with me after watching the video. What I can’t stop thinking about is, is that thing handing out free sodas to everybody?? If so, I’d sure love a Slender Vender where I live — world’s thinnest or not, free soda is good soda. Check out the Slender Vender in the video below:

[via Coca-Cola, Gizmodo]

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  • Warb

    [@Tom] Ditto “In the middle of a bike path… simply brilliant Coke. #fail”

  • J.L.

    Looks like all the above, excluding Mike, has absolutely no knowledge of calories or sugar-free. If only they bothered to look at the facts and science.

    Detrimental to your health? Unproved assumptions only existing due to lack of long-term data on sugar substitutes.

  • kevbo

    [@Machar] LOL! Good comment.

  • Mike

    Sorry to be the contrarian here, but:

    I find diet sodas to be an aid in weight reduction and thank the manufacturers for them. After dinner, I am happy having a diet Dr. Pepper Cherry or Coke Zero Cherry as my “dessert” or evening snack. As a general matter, it hydrates me, satisfies my desire for something sweet, and fills me up, and I enjoy the carbonation. At zero calories, 1 a day (a 12 oz. can) is a good thing.

    I routinely have heard, recently, generalized statements/claims that diet sodas can cause obesity, but have not seen any actual studies confirming this–only mass media generalizations and sensationalized claims. The only real explanation I have heard for these generalizations is the theory that by drinking a diet soda, one’s body gets used to eating and drinking sweet things, and wants more. In my case, at a single soda a day, I don’t find that–in fact, the soda simply is replacing other foods I might eat at the time.

  • Machar

    Wot, no irony?! Probably the world’s greatest liquid contribution to obesity problems being made available in the world’s slimmest vending machine and nobody sees how ridiculous this is? Of course, the thinner the machine, the more space available for the fatties to access it. And how about putting a public access 3D printer nearby so the fatties can make a gun to shoot all those pesky cyclists getting in their way? All good sporting fun…

  • Tom

    In the middle of a bike path… simply brilliant Coke. #fail