Check out how PlayStation 3s are made in Sony’s factory in Brazil [Video]


After Sony recently announced that it would begin production of PlayStation 3 systems in Brazil, video has made its way online showing off the whole process that goes down in the factory.

I don’t recall seeing video of these consoles being made before (might have something to do with them mostly being made in China), so this might be a rare glimpse at how they do it. The model that’s being assembled here is the CECH-4000,or the Super Slim model, which most people tend to call it. It’s much smaller and with less moving parts compared to the previous models of the system, but assembling looks to be a complicated process either way.

If only more consoles would be manufactured in Brazil, then we might get to see videos like this more often — I can think of at least two upcoming consoles that I’d like to see assembled.

[via Kotaku]

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