Amazon is making a smartphone with a 3D screen, according to WSJ [Rumor]


Late last year, rumors circulated that Foxconn was manufacturing a smartphone for Amazon. Now, a report from the Wall Street Journal is saying that Amazon might not only be working on a smartphone, but two smartphones (who’s operating systems are not yet known but probably will be Android), an audio-streaming device and a set-top box.

The two smartphones would include a high-end model with some interesting features for differentiating. Perhaps the most eye-catching (sorry) one would be that it’ll have a glasses-free 3D display, probably unlike what the Nintendo 3DS or HTC Evo 3D have. But it’ll also have an eye-tracking feature that will allow the phone to tell where users are looking from, in order to give them the correct viewing angle. Sound a little crazy? You’re not the only one.

Amazon is also reportedly working on an “audio-only streaming device,” which is basically a portable music player that gets all its music from the cloud, and a set-top box. Both devices make sense since Amazon has a large content library to back them up, and it helps put them compete with the likes of Apple and Google.

If these devices do come to market, the biggest concern will probably if they can make the 3D work on that smartphone. History has not been kind to those that tried. Maybe except for the 3DS, that thing is selling. But then again, that’s probably more due to its excellent library of games, not the 3D. Good luck Amazon!

[via WSJ, image via MikeBlogs]

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