Google Hangouts has the best easter eggs ever


Just in case you missed it, Google’s rumored universal chat platform, formerly codenamed Babel, made an appearance during the company’s almost 4 hour-long I/O 2013 keynote. It was formerly announced there as Google Hangouts and it replaces Google Talk, Google+ Hangouts, and Gmail’s chat. It’s available on Chrome as an extension, Gmail, Android and iOS. Take a look:

But that’s not the best part. Perhaps my favorite feature of Hangouts so far are the easter eggs. Google’s Moritz Tolxdorff posted the image that you see at the top of the post, which lists all the easter eggs that can be found and how to enable them (Note: They only work on Google+ and Chrome). But it gets better — each time you enter one of these, it goes straight to displaying the easter egg. That means “/ponies” doesn’t show up in the chat log, making it the perfect prank tool.

Let me demonstrate as I experimented on one of my friends by making ponies appear every once in awhile:


Friend: Was that a freaking Pokemon that passed by?

Me: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Friend: I saw something move across this tab. What the hell? Weird.


Friend: Oh there! Don’t tell me you didn’t see that!

Friend: This is so freaky.

Eventually he googled it and caught me but hey, it was fun while it lasted. Once again, Google’s easter eggs are the best!

[via Moritz Tolxdorff (Google+), ABC News]

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