Domino’s is making DVDs that smell like pizza


What happens when you put together pizza, some DVDs, heat-reactive flavored varnish, and thermal ink? Why, a pretty awesome marketing campaign of course!

Domino’s in Brazil has partnered with 10 rental stores located in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to distribute DVDs that have a little trick to them. Popular titles like  Argo, 007, and the Dark Knight have discs that appear to have a plainer-looking design than their regular counterparts, but have heat-reactive flavored varnish on them and some thermal ink.

After being in the DVD player for some time, they’ll come out smelling and looking just like pizza. A message from Domino’s will also be visible on the disc that reads: “Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino’s Pizza.” Check it out:

[via VentureBeat]

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  • Tom

    Just don’t leave one where your dog can get it. The results could be an expensive vet bill.

  • etim

    Oh, lordy–the porn jokes that are running through my head right now….

  • KMHamm

    Oh, great…. Now I’ll have to recategorize every one of my DVDs by SMELL??? And really bad movies will smell like….. uh….