There is a new 3D-printed gun, and its cheaper and more powerful than the Liberator


When the Liberator first made its way onto the internet, many people bemoaned the fact that a dangerous weapon could be easily made using a 3D printer. What they didn’t realize was that the 3D printer that was used to create the original Liberator costs around $8,000 — well out of reach for your crazy irresponsible gunman. But this new gun, the “Lulz Liberator” as its creator calls it, can be made with a significantly cheaper 3D printer.

The creator, known only by the name “Joe,” printed the new Liberator using the Lulzbot AO-101 printer. It’s priced at $1,725, and while it’s expensive, it’s much more accessible than the industrial-grade printer of the original. It takes 2 days to print out and $25 worth of ABS material, but it has shown results seemingly more impressive than the first Liberator.

The Lulz Liberator fired eight consecutive shots when it was successful, and then the barrel had to be replaced for the ninth shot. Testing would’ve gone on further but was cut short due to nightfall. You can see the gun in action in the video below:

It looks like this trend of 3D-printed guns isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

[via Forbes, Engadget]

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