Chinese hackers have resumed cyberattacks on the US


Remember all that hubbub over China hacking US companies a few months ago? It looks like they’re back at it. Surprisingly, the attacks have not only resumed but are originating from the same source — Unit 61398 in Shanghai. Why they chose to resume operations from a location that’s already been exposed is unclear at this point.

Now, the hackers are using new servers, new techniques and tools that allow them to find and steal data without being detected. Compared to the level of operations during the previous attacks, they are at around 60 to 70 percent according to security company Mandiant. What’s strange, however, is that while the company cannot reveal which companies are being attacked now, they say that many of them are the same ones that were attacked a few months ago.

The United States government was reportedly not surprised by the new attacks, with one official saying that “this is something we are going to have to come back at time and again with the Chinese leadership.”

I’m not so sure the government remembers what happened last time — China chose to play the blame game instead.

[via NYT, image via Dainis Matisons]

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