Engineer designs ring that illuminates during moments of romance

Illuminated Induction ring from Ben Kokes

A geek’s dream is to one day marry a special geek, and have geeky kids. Then, that same geek probably wants to live a happy life filled with gadgets, nerdy goodness and more. I know this is true, because I qualify for that generalization. Unfortunately, my misses is not a geek like me so I don’t think she would fully appreciate this next device I’m going to point out- that doesn’t make it any less cool, however.

Ben Kokes, a fellow geek and engineer, designed a unique wedding ring that meshes pure nerd with romance. If you didn’t think that was possible, hold on to your butts (yes that’s a quote from Jurassic Park).

Kokes designed a titanium band wedding ring with an integrated LED strip that lights up when he and his significant other hold hands. In order to make the setup work, he has to wear a relatively bulky “transmitter” which is concealed under the sleeves of his suit jacket. This allows the ring to light up when the two of them hold hands.

Ben Kokes Project Longhaul completed

The ring itself is carved from titanium, and it includes 23 stones all of which are evenly spaced. Thanks to the unique induction powered setup all of the stones are backlit when the LED springs into action. It took Kokes a total of 5 months to complete the ring and he sorted through more than 10 different prototypes before settling on a ring design he felt was suitable for his new wife.

Of course, it would really suck if she didn’t say yes because all of that work would be utterly pointless. Don’t worry though, because she did.

To see the ring in working order and the full walkthrough of how Ben assembled it, visit the source link below. Pretty cool, right?

[via Kokes.Net,]

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