now offers free 15 GB cloud storage for all new and existing users


Recently Google announced they were unifying cloud storage for Drive, Gmail, and Google+ users, and in the process giving everyone a total of 15 GB free storage. At the time many people predicted Google’s move would put pressure on other cloud storage services. As it turns out, indeed it has.

Copy, the new cloud storage service that took the world by storm a few months back by offering free 5GB storage plus free 5 GB for every referral, has bumped up their free cloud storage for all existing and new users to 15 GB. (The referral bonus remains the same at 5 GB per referral.) This means all current and future Copy users get free 15 GB storage plus whatever referral bonuses are earned.

The kicker here is Copy is not even trying to hide the fact that this bump in free storage is a direct response to Google. In a press release on their website, Copy’s GM of Storage Guy Suture says:

“We think Google’s effort here is great, and we are eager to join in by providing current and new Copy users with a matching amount of free space. We believe people deserve lots of storage to realize the full benefits of using the cloud. They also should be able to control what files count against their capacity. For our part, Copy’s free space now at 15GB, our awesome referral program, our incredibly low-paid storage plans, and our ‘Fair Storage for All’ initiative are all aimed at helping people do more amazing things.”

Of course Copy has put a positive spin on their free storage increase, claiming it is being done for consumers but the real reason is pretty clear: Google.

Hit up the link below to get started with your very own free Copy account.

Copy homepage

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    I also have 50 GB copy storage space but its like a big soccer ground, I have lots of storage space but I cant put my thing here because it is not secure :) me to still prefer dropbox and sugarsync instead of copy. They are secure and reliable

  • Mardel53

    I am not able to install the desktop app for some reason
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  • David Roper

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  • Ashraf

    [@Alexander Maxham] Im at 400 GB… lol. I still prefer Dropbox for now because I know it wont disappear overnight. may be backed by a solid company but I dont yet feel as secure with it.

  • Alexander Maxham

    I have 47GB on! Their referral program is awesome. I’m just waiting for Copy to get integrated into more apps and services.