Google wants you to eat healthy, adds nutrition information to Search

Google nutrition information screenshot

If you were ever worried about nutrition at some point in your life then listen up- er, read up I mean.

Google Search returns a lot of information right away after you make an inquiry. I’m not talking about the web search results that appear in a list, I’m actually talking about the quick answers that Google provides. You know the ones, they pop-up when you search for a particular product, ask a question, or even when you enter a math problem into Google.

As it would turn out, Google has just added nutrition information for more than 1,000 different food items. Now, when you ask for nutrition information about an appropriate food item, or even a calorie count Google will return the necessary results right at the top of the page. You’ll get an image and description of the food, along with info about the amount of protein, calories, cholesterol and more.

How many calories in popcorn Google Search

Unfortunately, the feature is confined to the US only for now and there’s no mention of it being made available elsewhere. I’m sure over time Google will expand the list of food items, and they will also expand the feature. Part of this is because the nutrition information is only listed in the English language.

According to Google, the new information should roll out to everyone in the US over the next ten days or so, and you can access it from the mobile or desktop version of search.

This feature will begin to launch today in English and will be rolling out in the US over the next ten days. Over time we’ll be adding more features, foods, and languages. So tap the microphone, give the feature a spin, and soon explore and discover the ins and outs of over 1,000 of your favorite foods. 

It’s funny that Google made the feature available in the US for now, especially since we get such a bad rap for being obese. With all the different fast food choices, can you blame us? I mean seriously, they’re making Dorito Tacos now! That’s like one of the insane food combinations from my wildest dreams, but I digress.

Do you see yourself using the quick nutrition information anytime soon?

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