This is what Wikipedia would have been like in the 80s, running on DOS [Video]


After discovering Wikipedia sometime after its launch 12 years ago, it’s hard for me to imagine the world without it. But YouTube user Squirrel-Monkey has imagined it in a completely different decade and place. Could you see Wikipedia running in DOS, as freeware, in the 1980s? Apparently he can, and he’s nailed it in this video:

Normally I’d like to say a little more about the state of computing in that era, to be honest, my memories of that time involves me typing in the commands to launch freeware games. Still, those were good times and this video really helps remind us how far we’ve come since then — if I had to do that much work to browse Wikipedia, I don’t think I’d stay there as long as I do today.

[via SquirrelMonkeyCom, Gizmodo]

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