• Louis

    I know some teachers up to middle school insist that children write their tasks by hand … I think it’s a great idea, they should just stand firm, for the pressure and resistance is enormous !

    Even now, at University level where I teach business school subjects, the quality of some of the assignments is horrendous — just indiscriminate copy and paste —- it’s a paradigm shift, and I’ve obtained the ability to give it one good look and immediately spot those who at least had done some thinking and organising behind it, vs those who just paste until the minimum words have been achieved, probably last minute, and hopefully put a brake on it before the max has been exceeded.

    But I do have 2 main weapons to distinguish better quality, from the rubbish : They still need to write their own intro and conclusion (some still try to cheat here, easy to spot though) and give a more substantial part of the mark to this, and also need to email me their .doc file, so I can check the url’s to see the quality of the sources — I also give higher value to printed book and mag sources.

    And no, I don’t accept any wikipaedia pages as source material (if I did, every assignment would look the same, and students would actually not even bother to go online, but probably just copy each other’s work) .

    Yep, the world has changed. I’m concerned we have abandoned knowledge, even at postgraduate level, and we’re fooling ourself into thinking immediate access to information equals knowledge.

    It does not.

  • Seamus McSeamus

    Heh. I don’t know how many times I preached to my kids how easy they had it, not having to trudge to the public library to work on their research papers. Of course the only response I got was a pshaw and an eye roll.