Random people get photoshopped live, with hilarious results

Man Photoshopped at bus stop for Adobe Creative Days

What would you do if you were sitting at a bus station, or in a public location and you saw an advertisement change before your eyes to incorporate you in the image?

If the people who reacted in the video below are any indication, you would probably be confused at first and then downright amused. I know I would have a good laugh.

Professional Photoshop artist Eric Johansson was waiting in a nearby van to touch-up images captured by a photographer. The resulting image was then displayed via an advertisement screen at a public bus stop. Reminiscent of true Candid Camera skits, the setup is part of a promotion for Adobe Creative Days set to take place live starting June 11.

Adobe Creative Days is a one day [live] event, that will showcase several different renowned artists as they discuss the current state of the “creative industry.”

It’s clear that Adobe was trying to show people just how powerful their Photoshop suite really is. While Adobe PR did a great job producing a very distinct and interesting setup I think they completely missed the fact that everyone knows what Photoshop magic is by now. You hear people claiming quite often that images have been , “Photoshopped.” I would say that’s a clear indication of how well known the software really is.

Ultimately, this presentation shows off what kind of cool and unique Photoshop edits you can come up with in a matter of minutes. Then again, the helm was manned by a Photoshop wizard.

What would you do if they captured your image for this promotion?

[via Mashable]

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