“I’m going to take a stand to protect my privacy” [Comic]


Dum, dum, dum (although, to be fair, there is a difference between voluntarily sharing information about yourself and having the government constantly snooping behind your back).

[via Joy of Tech]

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  • Louis

    [@Peter] Spot on, Echelon has quietly faded to the background, but it’s evergrowing more omnipresent by the day.

    Pray REAL facial recognition software at the realtime cctv level does not become a reality ever (or not in our life-time, we can help the next gen to thwart it when the time comes).

    Oppose the coming RFID technology on your person, documents or belongings strenuously.

    As much as I love technology, we have to be aware and vigilant, for day by day we are allowing an unbreakable web to be spun around us.

  • Peter

    compare these two: g, f with this one: g+f.
    How can it be that a (hopefully) democratic government decides who has to lie and who has not to? By daily experience we see that moral commitment and government have very few in common.

  • j


    it is strange: I cant’ seem to find the details I found in german language in the english version. also it seems, that english articles talk about him disrespectful and try to make the whole subject look like a “silly teen joke”.

    Snowden had a salary of 200k a year, with a house on hawai and… all in all, looks like a nice and comfortable life.

    Moving to china shows his distrust in the current gov of the US of A.

    To me, this is like a warning shot to the global digital community, yes, again a warning shot.

    Those who observe the field, know, that all ISPs in the so called “first world countries” have to collect data and give access to state institutions.

    Until Snowden didn’t “whistleblow”, it was called “conspiracy theory”, now we know it is truth.

  • Peter

    I guess PRISM is just an extended and up to date version of Echelon. Nothing new to be concerned about.

  • Machar

    No need to rely on German translations. Here are a number of English language story links, including at least one relating to his (alleged) pole dancing girlfriend:


    My favourite detail is that his old boss is apparently called ‘Booz’. No wonder he was pissed off…

  • j

    have you heard about edward snowden?

    origin of news is german, translated using google: