E3 game spotlight — Kingdom Hearts 3


Kingdom Hearts III is the next significant installment in the famed Disney RPG series from Square Enix. Ever since the second game, there have been a lot of minor releases like Birth By Sleep, and Chain of Memories. While some of those side games did a great job at fleshing out the Kingdom Hearts story and universe, it will be good to see the plot furthered with a new iteration.

System: PS4, Xbox One

Kingdom Hearts will return to Sora’s story as he tries to disrupt Master Xehanort’s dastardly plan to recreate the XI blade so that he can open Kingdom Hearts. Of course, Sora will also be vying to save the souls of characters Ventus, Aqua and Terra.

If that didn’t make any sense to you, well then you should probably go back and play some Kingdom Hearts. You have a lot of work to do my friends in order to catch up. Although, I’m sure the new game will feature some kind of flashback or “previously on” video which clues you in as to what’s going on.

The reveal trailer doesn’t show much, but we can see Sora leaping and bounding all over the environment to fight off a strange group of flying heartless. At least, they look like heartless, the enemies from the first two games.


At first, I wasn’t too sure about those graphics until I saw Sora reach down and pick up the keyblade sitting on the beach. The visuals are worlds better than what was offered in previous titles in the series.

On another note, Birth By Sleep (Sony PSP) was a fantastic game, and if you have never played it before then you should definitely look into it. If you play no other game in the series, then BBS should help you catch up in terms of the general story.

Are you excited for Kingdom Hearts III? I know I am definitely am, I’ve been waiting for the next big release in the series since… well, since I beat the second game.

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