Why are there so many cat videos on the internet? [Image]


Cats vs dogs war coming in 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…

[via MakeUseOf]

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  1. JMJ

    @Mags @Mike – You’re both welcome and, if you didn’t appear as mushy and teary-eyed prone as I, I’d tell you about Bitsy, the baby gray squirrel my Son found last spring and nursed back to health, who now eats unmolested from C.D.’s and Kaat’s dishes before returning to his nest in my Son’s closet. I think he found a girlfriend because since late March we’ve only seen him a dozen times.

    No videos for us, Mike. We don’t want to make things any easier than they already are for the NSA, CIA, FBI, etc., etc. :-)

  2. Mags

    [@JMJ] Thx for sharing that story.

    Mine is somewhat similar, but I was the one that brought the kitten home. He quickly showed my dogs that he was going to be King of the house.

    When taking the dogs for walks that cat would always follow. Didn’t have to worry about the cat keeping up as between 2 dogs there were frequent stops. LOL.

    Sadly those pets are no longer with me. I am still a dog and cat person. Currently have another 2 dogs and considering getting another cat in the near future.

  3. JMJ

    My seven year old male German Shepherd brought home a weeks-old kitten in his mouth three years ago and promptly deposited her at his food dish. He has been her Dad ever since. When I took him for walks, Kaat would raise such a fuss that I began taking her along in my arms. Now, I walk them together… each on a separate leash. She walks and heels and politely pauses for him at every tree along our path. GROSS ALERT: She has even brought birds and chipmunks home to him and, as he did for her, deposits them at his food dish.

  4. kevbo

    Ha, nice one.

    However, I’m a current cat person, former (and will be again in the not too distant future) dog person, but I and my cats are almost always outside.

    Cats are such wild creatures at heart, I couldn’t keep them cooped up. I live in the country, so its an easy and safe (as far as traffic goes) decision.