Google’s Project Loon aims to cover the world in a network of balloons to give everyone internet access


Google’s X labs are responsible for the more “out-there” ideas we’ve seen from the company like Google Glass and the self-driving cars. They’ve even considered researching on making teleportation a thing. Now, they’ve unveiled Project Loon — and it sounds just as crazy as everything else they’ve announced.

Project Loon is a network of balloons, floating at the edge of space, designed to bring the internet to people in remote and rural areas, and everyone else for that matter. The balloons will float 20 kilometers above the ground and will provide internet speeds comparable to today’s 3G speeds or in some cases, faster. Google says they’ll be able to control these balloons by shifting altitudes and riding the different wind currents up there — again, it sounds really crazy.

The project is still in its early stages, but the system has already been built. There’s currently a pilot test in New Zealand with 50 testers and Google has already launched 30 of these balloons. For a quick look at the tech that’s behind Project Loon, check out this video:

[via Google]

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  • naveed


    They probably should, but knowing governments they’ll be over budget and under deliver with enough bureaucracy attached that you will willingly pay for an alternative service.

  • Mike

    Now, shouldn’t our world governments be doing this? Sigh …

  • naveed

    Looks like a jellyfish. There was an Arthur C. Clarke book I think about a planet with similar jellyfish creatures floating around – they were not internet repeaters though.

    Great initiative google, but I’m still not over your killing Google reader and I only imagine how people will feel when you pull the rug under them when you decide to kill this project.