Virtually explore the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, inside and out with Google Maps


Google has just captured their first skyscraper on Street View — and they started with a big one. Using customized versions of their Street View Trekker and Trolley, a team from Google spent three days capturing high-quality 360-degree panoramic images of the Burj Khalifa. They did it on the outside and the inside. The result is a virtual tour of the tallest building in the world on Google Maps.

There a bunch of different viewing options available, like the view from the world ‘s tallest observation deck on the 124th floor, the highest occupied floor on the 163rd floor, and of course, the view from the very top. As a nice little bonus, you can even see what it’s like being in the elevators that get people up there, which are the fastest in the world at 22mph.

Oh, and if you’ve ever wondered what it must be like cleaning windows on the Burj Khalifa’s 80th floor? You can see that too!

Ready to check it out? While you can navigate over to Dubai yourself on Google Maps, here’s a handy link to bring you straight to the action.

[via Google]

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