Japan is bringing robots to the International Space Station, hopefully nobody gets killed in the process [Video]


On August 4, the Japan Space Agency will be launching a mission to the International Space Station. The mission is billed to be the “world’s first conversational experiment between humans and robots in space.” So, Japan is launching robots. Into space… to talk to people.

Normally I’d just think that an experiment like that is cool or neat. But this time, I think it might be a little frightening. Here’s why: According to Engadget’s report, that innocent-looking droid you see up there named Kirobo is equipped with “voice recognition, natural language processing, speed synthesis, realistic body language and facial recognition.” The only thing he’s missing is a weapon, and I’m not entirely convinced he’s not equipped with one of those either. For you know, scientific reasons.

He’s a very capable little guy and I think the reason why is nobody has batted an eye towards this little “experiment” just yet is because the robots say they want to  “create a future where humans and robots live together and get along.” Sure, trust everything the robot is telling you.

Here’s a video about the project in Japanese, which I’m assuming is just detailing the different ways the robots will take over:

I have to admit, hearing the Japanese version of this would be pretty amusing.

[via Engadget]

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