Popular gaming magazine tells readers to choose PS4 over Xbox One

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Now this is a little awkward. Usually the enthusiast press in the games industry stays far away from taking sides, but Edge has taken it to a whole new level. In their latest issue, the magazine writes, “This is your next console. Why the only option right now is PS4,” front and center on its cover.

Edge isn’t just any magazine either, it won best ‘Games Magazine’ in the 2012 Games Media Awards and is still going strong after many other similar magazines have been forced to shutter as more and more people go online for content. This also comes after Microsoft announced sweeping changes to their online requirements and used games policies.

A description for the August 2013 issue also reads, “We detail how Sony crushed Microsoft at E3 2013 and why PS4 is your next console in the new issue of Edge magazine.” While Sony certainly had a more impactful showing at E3 this year, some of their biggest advantages don’t really apply anymore. Even their hilarious “Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video.”

But maybe it’s about more than that. The fact that Microsoft was planning on implementing policies that many believed to be anti-consumer in the first place surely isn’t going to help them win fans. And Edge is definitely not one of them.

Here’s the full cover:


Are you a console gamer? If you are, which of the next-gen consoles are you planning to purchase this holiday season, the Xbox One or the PS4? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Enrique Manalang

    [@naveed] I think Nintendo would beg to differ :p A big part of their struggle this generation could have been avoided if they didn’t go with Wii U. Ask someone what that is, they’ll think it’s an add-on, not a new console. Show them the actual console, they’ll think it’s just the controller that’s new.

    If they went with something like Wii 2, or an entirely different name, that could’ve been prevented.

  • dave88

    Xbox One is doomed. Who in their right mind would want one in their home when they learn what it is capable of? Especially when there is an equally competent competitor who seems more interested in actually delivering a gaming device.

  • naveed

    Wow, I’m certainly a genius, I posted my comment on the wrong article! If possible, Enrique/Ashraf, could you please move it?

  • naveed

    In my opinion it would have done no better or worse named Mind or even Face, not that I like either name. The name is one of the smaller variables that determine the success of a product. Unless you really come up with some horrible name – it’s the marketing, the capability of the product and the general goodwill of the company (read customer support and customer experience) that determine a product’s success.