People are increasingly buying things online while they’re in the bathroom

iPad toilet

A recent survey by marketing software provider SeeWhy asked over 1000 tablet owners in the United States about how they used their devices to make purchases, and the results showed that the presence of tablet devices has also (probably not surprisingly) inspired people to start making online purchases from all over their houses, including while they’re in the bathroom.

About 10% of the respondents said that they made purchases from their iPad or other tablet devices while using the in the bathroom, but the water closet actually placed last out of all of the locations in the home. In first place was the living room (44%), followed by the bedroom (23%), kitchen (19%) and then “outside” (14%).

SeeWhy included the results of this survey with some findings of its own; the company analyzed over 21 million transactions from clients using its platform and found that consumers shopping on a mobile device were three times more likely to buy something on a tablet than a smartphone, largely because the size and convenience of tablets are ideal for consumers looking to just browse or make a quick purchase online, without having to leave the room they’re in or try to deal with the hassle of a smartphone’s small screen. Plus, it doesn’t hut that people who own tablet devices are much more likely to have disposable incomes, meaning they are more likely to buy things than others.

[via Wired]

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  • Ashraf

    [@Janet] PC == personal computer which in my book can be desktop or laptop. In either case, thought, I’d have to agree that is an exaggeration.

  • Janet

    PC means Desktop, not laptop. But I still find that hard to believe. I don’t know anyone without a Desktop, but I know a lot of people, including myself, who don’t have a laptop/tablet/etc.

  • Mike

    I’d be interested to know the backup for the statement that “having a PC in a home is becoming increasingly uncommon.’ Is that both desktop and laptop? I would find this hard to believe–“increasingly uncommon”?

  • Janet

    “…..having a PC in a home is becoming increasingly uncommon.”

    Is this true…???