Xbox One lets you play games before you have finished downloading them

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Microsoft representatives have confirmed that the Xbox One will allow users to play games while they’re still downloading to the system.

This means that the time it takes for users to actually play their digital games will be significantly reduced. It’s especially important for digital counterparts of disc-based games, since file sizes have traditionally been very large for those types of games and are poised to get even larger in the next-generation. There are also increasingly more gamers that are going digital with their game purchases.

Normally something like this would be touted as a key feature for the console, but Sony actually beat them to the punch several months before when they announced the PlayStation 4. The fact that it simply brings the two consoles to parity probably explains while Microsoft didn’t highlight it during last month’s E3.

However, looking back at all the things Microsoft did say during that time period, I’m surprised they didn’t at least mention it. They could’ve used at least some good news.

[via Polygon]

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