New Google Maps available now for everyone

new google maps

The new Google Maps was first shown off back in May at the Google I/O conference, though only the chosen had the chance to give it a spin before Google deemed it ready for public consumption. Beginning today, the new Google Maps is available to everyone, though one should take note this is still a preview, so not everything might work accordingly.

The first thing users should notice is the cleaner design; it looks better compared to the previous version. Feature wise, Google Maps is the best mapping application available right now, there is literally no other that stands on the same level. To be honest, we have to admit Google took a page out of Apple’s book by giving the new Maps app a simplistic look that is similar to Apple Maps, but that is where the similarities end.

Additionally, looking for directions is a lot easier than before, and the best part is, things are easier to read. The experience here is heightened with the use of a tablet or any computer system with a touchscreen. Zooming in and out is spontaneous and fluid, which could be a sign of things to come when Google updates the mobile apps.

Not everything is picture perfect though, as we find the new Google Maps slow in comparison to the previous version. However, as stated above, this is a preview, so things are subject to change before the complete version is available.

If you’re interested in giving the new Google Maps a spin, sign up here and have instant access to the best of what online maps have to offer.

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  • tonyr

    cant print without all the boxes over the map….
    cant set default view, even after changing where are you, doesnt work


  • tony

    @Doktor Thomas,
    I do care and I think millions of people are using
    Internet Explorer. Did Microsoft kicked you out or
    sued you for illegal use or something? I do not think you deserve the “doctor” title, do you understand “generalization”? bet you don’t because you don’t use google to search!! You don’t know sh.t about business! you have to work with the Govt. if they want you to.

  • J.L.

    I think they put too many functions in the search box. Took me a while to find offline maps, which is at the bottom of search suggestions.

  • DoktorThomas

    re: Tony
    “it won’t support IE9.” No one cares because no one uses IEX. No one uses Blink [sic] either. Well, yes, fools do.

    It is offensive that street view for the USA is not available. Apparently the wicked US does have a lot to fear from everyone and anyone. Why else restrict it? Information is no longer freely available in the USA. We are a dictmocracy, where royal politicians and mob mentality rules, freedoms be damned (and forever lost).

    It is wise to avoid any company that works with the US, at all times, for all purposes. It strains computing but can be done. Only a fool would ascent to the outrageous overseeing demanded by the rulers of the US government plantation run by the Jim Crow Party. (Yes, you read correctly.)

    Google demise is on the horizon … coders should pay attention to writing anti-Google code and Google-proof code. Big $$. Life is fine without Google. Even better without MSFT. © 2013

  • Ashraf

    [@BR] Printing maps? Blasphemy!

  • BR

    So how does one PRINT a map – you know on PAPER?

    Right click and select?


    Not possible?


    Old version back and in use.

  • tony

    Can Google map (in Satellite) rotate at below 2/3 zoom (eg 1/2 zoom) ? At over 2/3 zoom you can rotate but you have to to drag the N instead of clicking on arrows in Bing Bird’s eye

  • Vamien McKalin


    I like Bing Maps, but I don’t believe it performs better than Google Maps in any aspect whatsoever. Nokia Maps is even worse, can’t believe praise it.

  • Ashraf

    [@Frank D] Because it hasn’t been pushed out to the public at large yet. Whoever wants to try it can hit up the page linked in the article to try it — you get instant access.

  • tony

    it won’t support IE9.

    Bingmap’s bird’s eye view is way better than Googlemap

  • Frank D

    Um, if it’s available to everyone, why then is there a “sign-up” option box?