Apple patent suggests Liquidmetal-based iPhone is in the works

liquidmetal plate

Liquidmetal has always been a thing of mystery as no one really knows in what way it could benefit consumers. Well, as it stands now, it appears Apple has found a way to use Liquidmetal to make iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices. A report from Electronista claims new Apple patent hints at the next generation iOS devices being manufactured with Liquidmetal, a move that could place Apple back in the driver’s seat.

Back in 2010, Apple licensed the IP to use Liquidmetal in consumer products exclusively, since then, nothing much has come from Apple where the difficult to produce material is concerned. So far, Apple has only utilized Liquidmetal in making SIM ejector tools for its iPhone devices since 2010, which is proof of how difficult this material is to control. The problem is traditional manufacturing methods do not play well with Liquidmetal, which means stretching might only cause the material to break.

Gladly, the new patent seems to suggest Apple found a way around this obstacle, which could only mean the company is making big plans to use Liquidmetal to manufacture next generation iOS devices, smartwatches, MacBooks, an even computer Monitors.

With Apple firmly behind the development of Liquidmetal, we are confident this material will become a big thing in the years to come as the company would not waste hundreds of millions of dollars in research in this technology for the sole purpose of creating SIM ejector tools.

Samsung is currently gaining majority of the traction in the smartphone world, but a Liquidmetal based iPhone in the near future could sway the tide, if even by just a little bit.

[via Electronista]

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