Student hackers figure out how Reddit works, how a link becomes popular on the website


A group of five students in the San Francisco-based hacker boot camp Hack Reactor wanted to figure out exactly how a link gets popular on Reddit, “The Front Page of the Internet,” which can drive tons of traffic to the link location if it makes its way far enough up the site’s ranks. So, like any good hacker, they created their own way to figure it out, and it’s a website called Reddit Insight.

The hackers started by using Reddit’s open API and then used that to provide Reddit Insight vistiors with a lot of useful statistics about how specific submissions perform over time, what topics are trending in different sub-Reddits and more.

This obviously provides some interesting and fun information, but it can also benefits Web professionals in a – well – professional sense, as bloggers and photographers and marketing professionals can use their new Reddit insights to figure out how to make their links trend in sub-Reddits and, hopefully, move up the front page, thus driving significant amounts of traffic to their websites.

Hit up the Reddit Insight website to learn more.

[via TechCrunch]

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