Company creates ATM machine of the future, recognizes your face with no need for debit card


The next generation of cash machines is upon us; no longer would it be required for users to waste time by pressing buttons when a facial recognition device is in place. For now, this whole idea of no longer using a debit card at the ATM machine is just a concept, but with enough funding, it could become the new way of withdrawing cash.

Diebold, a security firm based in Ohio, has created a new ATM machine that has many similarities to a tablet. There are no buttons here since the screen is all touch; in addition, it has multiple cameras for face recognition and for safety. Furthermore, the new ATM remembers your withdrawal history for a more personalized experience, though we expect some folks to have a problem with an ATM machine creating a history based on user transactions.

The creators of the next generation ATM revamped the onscreen user interface to something like a tablet or smartphone device. Navigation and options are simple, icons are big, and things happen a lot faster compared to the current ATM model.

When users make an ATM transaction, they won’t get a hardcopy of the receipt. Instead, it’s sent via email or text message to the user’s smartphone. Furthermore, the new ATM machine possesses the ability to connect to a user’s smartphone via the cloud. Users would see the transaction screen on their device; from there they could make a withdrawal.

Additionally, the ATM machines send a unique code to the device; the user must then place that code in the ATM for the withdrawal to progress.

From the sounds of it, the whole thing seems to require an Internet connection on the smartphone device. If that is the case, Diebold might want to reconsider its strategy because I’m sure not everyone owns a smartphone with constant Internet access… especially in the developing world.

[via Daily Mail]

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