Use your house key as a weapon (to defend yourself) with Hit personal alarm


In a tough situation, many people tend to defend themselves by using their keys as a weapon; it is indeed a viable alternative if you lack the necessary tools to protect yourself from danger. However, when you’re in panic mode with sweaty palms and a frantic beating heart, gripping your keys probably might become an issue. To solve this problem, a company called Unika, came up with a way to better wield your key.

Unika calls this particular item the Hit, and it is a loud alarm that acts as a grip for your key. On the top is a red button, when pressed, the Hit releases a loud noise and at the same time pops out your key from the next end. From there, folks in danger can immediately turn the tide against their attacker by wielding the Hit as if it were Thor’s hammer.

Furthermore, there’s a secret to deactivating the alarm on the Hit, so you might want to alert your friends and family members of this so they won’t mess around with your protective tool.


If you ever watch the Bourne movies, you may have seen the main character using all manner of things such as pencils and keys to take down his enemies. Well, you might as well remove it from thought because you won’t look so awesome when wielding a mere key, you’re not Jason Bourne.

The Hit will cost you around $25, which could end up being the best $25 you have ever spent if it saves your life.

[via Urika]

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  • AT

    [@David Roper] You should have come up to Canada. Twinkies were always in production. They were never in jeopardy of going out of business. lol

    [@Darcy] Carry a pack of smokes. You don’t have to be a smoker. If you see or feel you are in a situation, light up a cigarette and it can be used as a weapon. It’s not a lethal weapon but it can be enough to give you a few extra seconds to get away.

  • thegreenwizard

    Walmart was selling last Christmas a tactical set for 20 USD. This included a fast open knife if you do it right or very slow if you don’t know but the best was a working pen, one end with a skull crusher and on the other end the writing part so hard and strong that it can be use as pierce weapon just enough to bring blood, but still a genuine pen and included was a 4 inches flash light with the both side made as a crush weapon to knock out troubles. And this was as a Christmas present.

  • Louis

    [@Darcy] It’s a kubotan, you can do a lot with it, relating to self-defence

  • David Roper

    Darcy, I’m serious this time. Since carrying a gun takes a CWP, carrying a knife is still legal and free. I collect knives and I have seen some small switchblades 3 inches that open in 1/10 of a second.

    Rather than making a Key weapon just get a smooth action, small 3 inch switchblade. Somebody is going to tell me that they are illegal and I know that. The “switchblade” I am talking about is one that OPENS SUPER fast by PUSHING s small button, it doesn’t jump out of the handle like a switchblade actually does.

    It’s nicer looking than a key jabber.

    Don’t buy one from a catalog online, go to a store that sells guns and try one out. We’re talking $20 max.

    good luck…be safe.

  • One of the deadliest, figuratively speaking, personal defense weapons I’ve ever seen was a short handle with a chain ending in a keychain (lots of keys). It’s perfectly legal since it’s a keychain but makes a dangerous flail in use. Not really my thing, though if I ever live somewhere that I’m in danger I might just make one.

  • David Roper

    I use Twinkies now to push into their eyes. Thank god they are for sale now.

    I felt so vunerable for a while without them. They are back.