Use your house key as a weapon (to defend yourself) with Hit personal alarm


In a tough situation, many people tend to defend themselves by using their keys as a weapon; it is indeed a viable alternative if you lack the necessary tools to protect yourself from danger. However, when you’re in panic mode with sweaty palms and a frantic beating heart, gripping your keys probably might become an issue. To solve this problem, a company called Unika, came up with a way to better wield your key.

Unika calls this particular item the Hit, and it is a loud alarm that acts as a grip for your key. On the top is a red button, when pressed, the Hit releases a loud noise and at the same time pops out your key from the next end. From there, folks in danger can immediately turn the tide against their attacker by wielding the Hit as if it were Thor’s hammer.

Furthermore, there’s a secret to deactivating the alarm on the Hit, so you might want to alert your friends and family members of this so they won’t mess around with your protective tool.


If you ever watch the Bourne movies, you may have seen the main character using all manner of things such as pencils and keys to take down his enemies. Well, you might as well remove it from thought because you won’t look so awesome when wielding a mere key, you’re not Jason Bourne.

The Hit will cost you around $25, which could end up being the best $25 you have ever spent if it saves your life.

[via Urika]

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