Free 1 year license of IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro – 24 hour promotion only!

2009-11-10_141829IObit has been hit with a lot of controversy lately, with Malwarebytes accusing IObit of stealing Malwarebytes’ property. The allegations are still going back and forth with lots of mud slinging, especially by Malwarebytes’ supporters, so no one is 100% sure who is right and who is wrong although I must say Malwarebytes has a strong case as it stands. However this post is not here to talk about IObit’s Internet Security 360; rather I want to discuss a different IObit software which, thankfully, has not been involved in alleged unethical and illegal behavior. I say thankfully because this product, the one I am about to mention, is one of my favorites and I used it for a long time when I had a 6 months free license.

As a “Thanksgiving special” IObit is going to offer a 1 year license of Advanced SystemCare Pro to users completely free of charge! This promotion will be run for 24 hours. The catch is the promotion will start randomly at any time between November 20, 2009 and November 27, 2009. I will try to create a new post when the actual promotion takes place, but just thought I should give people the heads up. If you discover the promotion has started and I have no posted about it, please feel free to tell me.

If this promotion is anything like the IObit Internet Security 360 Pro promotion, users will have to only enter an e-mail to receive the free key. However I will update with more details when the promotion actually starts. You can access the promotion page from the following link:

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 1 year free license promotion page

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  • dtwill08

    does anyone have a registration code for advance system care 5?

  • EC

    I purchased the IObit Advanced SystemCare 5 PRO and it crashed my machine right after I installed it. My computer is constantly freezing up now. I have called and called the support numbers but no one answer the support lines… I have emailed and emailed support for help and asked them to call me but they just send me the same request to send them the blue screen of death screen shots…. How can I send a blue screen of death screen shots??? I cant believe I actually paid these guys to put a virus on my machine…

    These guys are scammers

  • Ashok

    The Pro version is available again for free at

  • Fred

    Wasn´t this supposed to be announced separately when the giveaway started? Never saw a message here. Damn, i missed it. :(

  • yourpalal


    Mr J: It’s all good!
    This is a free offer (not the “trick” others mentioned)from the IOBIT company for 1 day only, 11/25/09, so it’s nothing but legit.

    See Ashraf’s instructions & you too can have this PRO version for free.


    Have a nice day.

  • Mr.J

    Personally, I resent this devious practice of extending license, though it’s not some kind of illegality, but to me, it’s gone a bit immoral in the respect of intellectual property.

  • yourpalal

    Hey all! I just checked the link (11/18/09 10 pm CST) & like etim mentioned earlier, it still says:

    The free giveaway will be available within 24 hours randomly from November 20 to 27 as a ThanksGiving gift.
    Come soon…
    The gift is on the way. Please check the page later.”


    Also, if you check the very latest posting (#43) on the “trick” to get free unlimited ASC. At:

    You will see he (bivas600) states:

    “let me share one thing with u that i am using this trick for the past 8 months by not validating the license,it caught thrice that my license had expired and i do the same trick again and it works. but i have noticed one thing that it caught the expired license after a certain interval probably there is a gap of 3 months . so next time if u caught disconnect ur internet connection and copy paste the same license. but as it is not legal i am looking forward the asc giveaway. so guys in my opinion if u can grab a one year license dont stick with this trick….”

    Take care.

  • Tortuga

    Been using iASC Pro for a little while. I like it a lot, its easy to understand & easy to use.
    I too used that little trick to get the “extended license” ;)

    Do you think I should ask for a «new» PRO license from this new promo?

    Also about 8 days ago, I started getting a popup offering an upgrade. I refused till now. Should I accept? How do I find out if its a db update or a version upgrade?

    Sorry for asking so many questions …

  • Mike


    Thanks for the reminder and link! Confirmed that this trick still works, for an unlimited (non-expiring) subscription to the software. Highly recommended to others to use.


    (Note: The basic Windows uninstaller works just fine in uninstalling the first install, per the directions.)

  • etim


  • etim

    Hmmm…here’s what I got when I clicked the link–

    “The free giveaway will be available within 24 hours randomly from November 20 to 27 as a ThanksGiving gift.

    Come soon…
    The gift is on the way. Please check the page later.”

    Is this what everyone else saw? Does this mean that it will pop up in a random 24 hr period between the 20-27th or what?

    I have the pro version and like it, but will expire before long. Thanks much for the free renew code!

  • Giovanni

    Hey Ashraf!!

    Another great freebie no way!!

    However I was wondering…what’s better?

    1 year licence of Advanced SystemCare Pro fro free or an UNLIMITED version of this great program you can grab for free by taking advantage of a bug described by a geek on the link below (not sure whether it still works or not) that a reader of your nice site resumed in your FORUM with your consent a few months ago??

    I’m asking you this tricky question because at present I’m successfully using the UNLIMITED version of ADVANCED SYSTEM CARE PRO without any hassle…LOL!

    Waiting for your feedback!!

    Good night from Italy!!

  • Jack

    That is simple because your just like the rest of us males in this world.Yea,Yea i’ll get around to it. =)

  • Ashraf

    @Samuel: I actually have a half-finished article sitting in my drafts that does a Glary Utilities vs Perfect Utilities vs Advanced SystemCare Free comparison. I just have to get around to finishing it.

    Why is it that I can start half a dozen articles but never finish them? LOL.

  • Ashraf, any chance you could do a review of Advanced SystemCare Pro?