Free 1 year license of IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro – 24 hour promotion only!

2009-11-10_141829IObit has been hit with a lot of controversy lately, with Malwarebytes accusing IObit of stealing Malwarebytes’ property. The allegations are still going back and forth with lots of mud slinging, especially by Malwarebytes’ supporters, so no one is 100% sure who is right and who is wrong although I must say Malwarebytes has a strong case as it stands. However this post is not here to talk about IObit’s Internet Security 360; rather I want to discuss a different IObit software which, thankfully, has not been involved in alleged unethical and illegal behavior. I say thankfully because this product, the one I am about to mention, is one of my favorites and I used it for a long time when I had a 6 months free license.

As a “Thanksgiving special” IObit is going to offer a 1 year license of Advanced SystemCare Pro to users completely free of charge! This promotion will be run for 24 hours. The catch is the promotion will start randomly at any time between November 20, 2009 and November 27, 2009. I will try to create a new post when the actual promotion takes place, but just thought I should give people the heads up. If you discover the promotion has started and I have no posted about it, please feel free to tell me.

If this promotion is anything like the IObit Internet Security 360 Pro promotion, users will have to only enter an e-mail to receive the free key. However I will update with more details when the promotion actually starts. You can access the promotion page from the following link:

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro 1 year free license promotion page

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