Xbox One can stay turned on for ten years without dying, says Microsoft employee


The Microsoft Xbox One gaming console is a true monster when it comes to the size of the device. The reason behind this, according to an unnamed Microsoft employee who spoke with Digital Foundry, is that it allows the console to stay turned on for ten years without kicking the bucket. We’d doubt anyone would even want to attempt such a feat, but nonetheless this is interesting news.

The key point here is being able to be stay turned on for ten years; most other consumer electronics would break due to overheating issues if they were never turned off this long period of time.

It should be noted when I say “stay turned on for ten years” I mean Xbox One is designed so that each console lasts for ten years without breaking, even if it is continually used for that whole time. I don’t mean that it will stay in standby mode or remain on for ten years without being plugged in.

As you might have realized before, the Xbox One was designed as an always-online device. This means it doesn’t fully turn off when the power button is pressed. For these features to work at their very best, the box itself needed to be big enough to factor with all the heat it would emit throughout its lifetime. Furthermore, Microsoft had no intention in reliving the days of Red Ring of Death on the Xbox 360. So it was either making a console small and sleek with overheating issues, or a monster that is capable of withstanding the pressure.

In addition, the design should allow the console to run relatively silent, another huge plus over current gen consoles such as the Xbox 360 and Sony PS3.

It’s great to see Microsoft attempting to fix problems it experienced previously with the new console; if everything goes according to plan, Xbox One gamers should have a powerful but yet a well-designed console in their living rooms.

Microsoft says the Xbox One is scheduled for a November 2013 launch at a $499 asking price, though the company did not specify an exact date. Have you preo-rdered one yet?

[via Digital Foundry]

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