• RogueBase

    I read a book in school years and years ago called Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. Looks like he wasn’t kidding according to the worldwide state of affairs everywhere now. I always wondered if that story would return and bite us all in the ass.

  • Tom

    You are all terrorists. Prove me wrong. Hand over your passwords. #pwned

  • Daniel

    Read the Patriot Act. The can do whatever the hell they want to do. They even have their own court that isn’t held accountable, not even by the Supreme Court (who would most likely agree with it anyway).
    Seriously, read the Patriot Act, then get angry or afraid, but realize that complaining about it is a violation of the Patriot Act. As is this comment.

  • lyn

    Why is it that the government does not understand the forth amendment? Where is the Supreme Court?… They can act on their own!

  • JonE

    [@Mike] I concur.

    And there are some reps from different states that do have your best interest at heart, however, they are out numbered by the special interest politicians.

    I do agree with Dok Thomas about changing passwords frequently, but that can be a daunting task if you have hundreds of accounts. For me the solution was to get rid of those accounts that I never use, or hardly ever use. Still a pain though.

    As for voicing your point of view . . . . . . . Politicians are like Insurance Salesmen; when they first start out they have the best interest of the client at heart, but, in general, after they have been with a company two years or more their interest shift 180º to special interest that being the special interest of the company they work for. The longer a politician stays in office the more mired he becomes in special interests versus the best interest of his constituents. Even the best politicians eventually, occasionally compromise their principles, for special interests.

  • Mike

    [@DoktorThomas] “Complain like hell to everybody.” What are my gov’t reps doing to protect me? And why aren’t I being told what the gov’t is doing with respect to my privacy? How about a “how-to” kit from the gov’t, simply spelling things out for me?

  • DoktorThomas

    See George Torwell from The Juice Media’s “Big Brother is Watching You” @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=o66FUc61MvU , ” Head his montra.

    Change your passwords weekly. Move to providers who are not under fed.gov control. Use FOIA to get specifics about how your data was been treated. Complain like hell to everybody.