Meet Carl, the robot bartender


Meet Carl, a humanoid robot who also happens to be a part time bartender at the Robots Bar and Lounge in Ilmenau, Germany. Ben Schaefer, a mechatronics engineer of 23 years, constructed Carl using unused industrial robots acquired from the German firm KUKA.

Currently Carl is playing the role of part time tourist attraction and part time test dummy in an effort by Schaefer and hist team to make humanoid robots presence more prevalent in today’s world. The bar contains only nine seats but Carl lends a hand by mixing drinks as well as carrying out short conversations with guests. A belt of sensors helps to stabilize Carl preventing him from bumping into the bar or spilling drinks.

Schaefer has stated that utilizing Carl in a working environment has made testing and working out any kinks easier than doing so in a controlled laboratory environment which does make sense.

So, how about a beverage from a belt wearing, German robot named Carl. I’ll take one coke on the rocks, please.

[via DailyMail]

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