i-H2GO remote control car is powered by water


The vehicle in the above picture is the i-H2GO by Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies and Corgi International. It is a remote-controlled car which is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell… meaning it is indirectly powered by water.

Simply pour some water into the storage tank and the water is split via electrolysis into hydrogen and oxygen using electricity generated either by a solar panel or using a USB charging cable in situations where this is little or no sunlight. To control the car, you can use your iOS device to power the car and an Android app is said to be in the works. This is in contrast to the older H2Go which utilized a conventional radio controller.

Purchasing one of these bad boys will set you back $180. See the video below for a demo of the fuel cell powered RC car.

[via Gizmodo, image via Werd]

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  1. Bruce Fraser

    [@David Roper]

    A fuel cell is basically a type of battery. It stores hydrogen, ready to be converted back into water. When the hydrogen-to-water reaction happens, it produces enormous amounts of energy. But to convert the water into hydrogen (and oxygen), that REQUIRES power, not produces it!