Guy turns car into mobile swimming pool, gets arrested for drunk driving


A young man and his friends were pulled over for drunk driving — but they weren’t driving just any car. It was a BMW whose owner had made the interior waterproof so they could turn it into a pool on wheels. That’s right, an actual carpool.

Here’s an excerpt from the report, translated through Google Translate:

When the young men noticed the tracker, they stopped at a parking lot at, jumped out of the car and ran through the river bed of the river Mulde. On the other side they stood and watched the officials.

As the officer was alone locally, the situation by onlookers became increasingly confused and he could not rule out that the four men take back the car and want to continue the journey, he let the air out of the tires and severed in the engine compartment, the ignition cable.

Then the apparently drunken driver came back by the river to fetch his wallet and his shoes out of the trunk.

Now police determined against the 27-year-olds for drunk driving and the violation of the insurance law. But he had also forgotten to register his pool to the approving authority!

While I’m all for the idea of a pool on wheels, couldn’t they have at least put some more effort into the interior of the car? Come on guys, it could’ve been great. But look at that chair and that steering wheel. And the water, oh god, the water.

That and the whole “pool approving authority” thing might have been a good idea.



[via Geekologie]

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