Chinese scalpers are booking all Apple Genius Bar appointments, then selling them online


Scalpers are a normal problem at Apple Stores worldwide, especially during major launches. But in China, the scalpers have a new tactic to take advantage of Apple Stores and their customers — and it’s very sneaky.

Customers have been complaining about being unable to book any Genius Bar appointments, and according to a report from the Beijing Morning News, this is because scalpers have now turned to booking every available appointment for the Genius Bar. This forces regular customers to purchase the appointments from the scalpers online for a few bucks. When a customer sends their payment, they’re given the login details so they can change the schedule and details of the appointment.

The scalpers then get a pure profit out of this little scheme since it doesn’t cost anything and anyone with an email address can book appointments.

Because of the way things are currently set up, there isn’t really any reason for them to stop. And like previous issues with scalpers in China that Apple has tried to fix, they always seem to find their way around it. One possible solution would be to require the serial number of your device for booking an appointment, and limiting the amount of appointments you can book at a time to one.

It’s definitely an inconvenience and there will definitely be ways around it, but it’s got to be better than the way it is now.

[via iDownloadBlog]

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  1. Circle Walker

    It’s not that Apple products are bad or their quality is low, it’s just that if you travel over there, most would jail break their phones and do all kind of stuff that Apple would never approved. Then the phone screwed up and who else can help them best? Apple stores. Ah, they never stop amaze me over there. Keep finding ways and methods to put others in misery. Inside and outside of their own country.

  2. Briley Kenney

    This reminds me of a short story:

    Once upon a time a young computer guru was looking for work in the tech industry. He applied to several places, including Apple. He was called in for an interview, where he was initially told by potential employers they were very “impressed”.

    After a series of questions, they dismissed him for a seemingly pretentious reason.

    “Why do you want to work at Apple?”

    The boy replied: “I love technology, and I’ve been around computers my entire life. At their core many Apple products are just that: a computer. I love helping people work through various issues, and I think I would be a great fit.”

    The end response was this: “Apple is not a computer. Apple is a lifestyle. We’re sorry, you don’t seem to have the proper motivation to work here.”

  3. Coyote

    Cutting out the appointment BS and treating their customers like human beings would be a nice start. If they’re getting so many appointments they need ticketmaster maybe that says more about the quality of their product and service. Of course isn’t android also whooping apple over there?