Want Google Glass? Bug your friend that has one — they can now invite you


If you’ve been jealousy watching your friend play around with Google Glass but didn’t manage to get into the Explorer program yourself, now’s your chance. Google has been sending out emails to owners of the Google Glass Explorer Edition, telling them that they can now invite one friend into the exclusive group of Glass-wearers.

To be eligible to join, a Glass Explorer must be a US resident, be 18 years or older and be able to pick up the device in either San Francisco, New York or Los Angeles. Unfortunately, if you manage to snag an invite, you still have to pay for Google Glass — which costs $1,500.

It’s expensive for a product that some would say isn’t quite fleshed out just yet but if you’ve been pining to get your hands on one, now’s the time to start bugging your Glass-wearing friends.

[via Engadget]

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