The results are in: Firefox is the most popular browser among dotTechies

Last week I poised a simple question to all dotTechies: What internet browser do you mainly use? Well the polls have closed and the results are decisive. Firefox is the browser of choice for most dotTechies:

[poll id=”2″]

I expected Firefox to be the most popular, but what I did not expect is for Opera to be number 2; Opera even beat out Internet Explorer. From the comments people posted, I believe the “smoothness” (for the lack of a better word) and innovation of Opera is what attracts its loyal users.

Thank you everyone for participating!

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  • Rob (Down Under)

    Thanks for the info.
    I now have it remembering Open Tabs (aka Last Session).
    And I have it saving web page complete into single file (.mht)
    It was a bit of an IQ test, but I struggled through it.
    Unzipping(extracting) the 7z file into the Programs folder, took a bit of courage.


    PS On another DotTech page, someone suggested BlackHawk instead of Chrome.
    It is more private than Chrome (not what appealed to me)
    It was supposed to have a proper Menu Bar, which I wanted.
    It took me a while to find the wrench (faint image, and not where it used to be)
    And took even longer to discover that this latest version no long offers a Menu Bar.
    Good news, the developer responded nicely to my two queries.

  • Donald Bock

    Love Firefox 9.01 It is fast and it auto-recovers from crashes…give it a few seconds to.
    I love the diversity of Firefox Add On library, you can do darn near anything. Whereas, some functions are already built in and only enhanced by an add on. Opera browser is on par with Mozilla SeaMonkey, I guess for it’s collection of functions. Google Chrome: No, thanks, I don’t need anyone at Google giving me an internet enema for where I have been or what I do…anywhere.

    Internet Explorer 9 is so darn confusing and bloated I only use it when needed.

  • quicknote

    yes can do both.

    re opening tabs is enabled through a session k-plugin which is included by default installation.

    mht support is done through an extension..other single page archiving that k-meleon supports are phf and kma(special k-meleon archive)

    both 3 extensions are available at (under archiving)

    support for all km extensions is available at the k-meleon forums and in case you want something special that isn’t there, one of the devs will probably custom make it for you

    sorry for the late response (too much work)

  • Rob

    Hi quicknote,
    I gave k-meleon a try, but I have two essentials for any browser that I use –
    1) It re-opens the Tabs that were open in the previous session.
    2) It can save web pages as .MHT

    I have a horrible feeling that k-meleon, cannot do either ?
    Hope you can re-assure me

  • quicknote

    @Mike Crist: no actually K-Meleon is not a firefox “derivative”. first of all K-meleon was released 4 years before firefox, so naturally it can’t be a derivative of something that didn’t exist when it was released. secondly and most importantly, the only thing they have in common is the gecko engine. fullstop. firefox uses xul(html markup) to create ui aka pseudo interface, k-meleon is like any proper windows application, uses native widgets(cairo api-written in c++) resulting in a tightly integrated program with the os i.e. NO MEMORY LEAKS, faster startup and page load and more responsive to user input.

    k-meleon can use some xul addons but not those who manipulate the interface, k-meleon has it’s own macro language for simple extensions and uses special kplugins(c++) for some other extensions.

    many firefox converted addons+ special k-meleon extensions can be found there:

    p.s. it’s actually quite shameful that the majority of the supposedly tech savvy users of this site use firefox..which is a terrible browser and probably the biggest bullshit in software history.. it’s so sad, i have more respect for opera users… they probably know what rubbish firehog is

  • ivor double

    @Mike Crist: I was having a hellish time with recent versions of Firefox, so I did a FEBE backup (stored to My Documents)and then totally uninstalled Firefox and re-installed the latest. Problem solved. Presumably, too many installations on top of each other and insufficient “house cleaning”. Good luck – tell me how it goes! ID

  • normofthenorth

    OK, I found a scan of the real cartoon strip, with the real text (which I hadn’t exactly remembered verbatim!) at . It’s way down near the bottom — search for “doomed pile”. Very cute, though a little “near the bone” for me.

  • normofthenorth

    I’m almost as bad as you are, Rob! You should track down a “Cathy” cartoon strip from maybe 10-ish years ago (or maybe 15, the way my memory is working).

    Cathy’s work colleague noticed that she had a big pile of papers marked “IN” and another makred “OUT” and a third one. What’s the third pile, she asked. “Oh, that’s the doomed pile,” said Cathy.

    “The doomed pile?”
    “Yes, that’s where I put the papers I really have to deal with, but I know I’ll never have time to get to them.”
    “Why don’t you just throw them out?” her colleague asks.
    “That would be unprofessional,” Cathy answers.

    On a bad day, I think my whole life looks like that!


  • Rob

    Hi jumbi,
    I have a lot of open Tabs.
    They are things I would like to follow up on.
    I have a folder in my Favorites called Follow Up, and there are URL’s in there, which I never follow up.
    So having the open Tabs forces me to action them (one day).
    That day will come, when I run out of reasonable alternate browsers to use.

  • jumbi

    to Rob:

    what do u mean your firefox is full?

    There are so many addons for tabs organising, how can it be full?!

  • normofthenorth

    Impressive group here, Ashraf, not surprising!

    I’m especially impressed with the 2nd choice, Opera.

    If anybody here hasn’t tried it, they should.

    I’d immediately change the Keyboard Setup to “Opera 9.2 Compatible” (Ctrl-F12, Advanced). But otherwise, the default settings are pretty good, unless you want to move the toolbars around, etc. (You can also increase the number of sites you can save in your “Speed Dial”. . .)

  • Pseudo

    @Mike Crist:

    Try: “Fire Fox crashes” in any search engine.

  • Rob

    For those of you who like to keep a lot of Tabs open, you probably like to have alternate browser to use (when FF or Opera is buckling at the knees from too many Tabs), you may be interested in this review(s), and comparison –

    My FF is full, and my Opera is full, and I am currently using IE7
    Knowing that I will have to uninstall IE7 prior to any partition or drive imaging I do, is forcing me to be more organized and avoid keeping so many Tabs open.
    (Hopefully I will get brave enough to fire up FF and Opera, and apply the same organization to them, so that I can start using them again.)

    Here are my preferences in order –
    FF (must have unMHT to Save as .MHT)
    IE7 (Must have IE7Pro to resurrect Tabs from previous session)

    However, if I was sent on the Mars mission, and I was only allowed to take one browser with me, I possibly would choose Opera.

  • WECH

    FF is my main browser primary because the tons of add-on, and I suggest who has crash problem try roll back to 3.0.x like I did, the 3.5 doesn’t work very well(for me), some add-on incompatibility and bookmark storage difference cause me step back and stay happy.

    after all, stability and speed is critical.

  • Mr.J

    It might be the obvious thing, but if someone is interested in a site like dottech, or any other computer related site, then it’s likely that that person wouldn’t mind invest some time on his web browser, and then Firefox will quite surely take the lead. And I’m not surprised that Opera is 2nd, it’s awesome; the only thing that Opera lacks is the diverse library of add-ons that gave Firefox its position. But I’m curious about the “other”. What browser is that?

    @Ashraf: I think the word “sleek”/”slick” could be used to substitute “smoothness” :).

  • Could you comment on the complications freezing – hanging up of the firefox (mentioned in many forums)? I was forced to chrome, then back to ie, because neither saved the old browsing tabs “completely” like FF. IE and chrome would eventually lose my sites. So, I have tried Namoroka 3.6 alpha 1 (the new FF?) ,but not all add-ons work with it yet. Also K-melon or K-meleon is also a FF or Mozilla derivative. Any experience with k-meleon and FF add-ons working with each other? Thanks in advance.

  • Johnny

    I definitely use Firefox as my main browser.
    It might not be as fast as some of the other browsers, but all the different extensions that Firefox offers, and the fact that Roboform integrates so well, convinces me to use it as my primary browser.
    I have tried Opera and Chrome but I always come back to Firefox.
    IE only to install Windows updates.

  • ZionPercona

    Other dotTechies have good taste~ -shot-

    I have other browsers (I’ll admit that- but Firefox is my main. (Followed by Opera, and TheWorld).