Top 5 best wallpapers of July 2013 [Wallpaper]

Here on dotTech we have a Wallpapers segment where we share one wallpaper every day with our readers. Now this article looks at the top 5 best wallpapers shared in July 2013.

Be sure to let us know in the comments if you think others deserve to be on this list. And also check out Top 5 Best Amazing Photo of the Day of July 2013 and Top 5 Best Comics of July 2013.



1) Stunning capture of an aurora borealis in Canada


2) Yet another amazing wallpaper


3) Sailing off into the sunset


4) Spectacular London

5) Beautiful day in Taiwan


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  • David Roper

    [@kevbo] kevbo, Ashraf must have impeccible taste, and I know for one that he has NEVER asked me to vote on a picture to post.

    The site is wonderful indeed due to comments like you have made. Just good tech people everywhere.

  • kevbo

    “Top 5 …” for the previous month is a great idea. I try to read dotTech every day, but I obviously miss it sometimes as I have not seen some of these until this post. Your daily categories for videos, photos, wallpaper, etc are a daily reminder to me that its always worthwhile to stop and smell the roses. One question: What criteria did you use for the top 5? Any plans to institute the top 5 in all your categories on a monthly basis? (OK, that was 2 questions, but who’s counting?). Anyhow, great site, great writers, and great posters. I enjoy this site immensely, keep up the hard work.

  • David Roper

    They are beautiful indeed, yet dark in color overall. Thanks. Now find us a set of light colored beach or mountain scenes and I won’t have to spend money on a vacation this year.