Free Expert PDF 8 Professional Converter for Windows!

2013-08-04_062324Need a good PDF-to-Word converter with OCR without paying an arm an leg? Then you have come to the right place because in this post we describe how you get can Expert PDF 8 Professional Converter for free!

Software Description

The following is the description of Expert PDF 8 Professional Converter, as per the developer:

Quick Summary

Create PDF
Expert PDF Professional Edition is the complete PDF creator and PDF writer tool. It lets you create PDF files from any document that you are working on so that you can save and send your work securely.

Convert PDF to Word
If you receive a PDF that you want to change, Expert PDF Professional Edition enables you to convert PDF to Word using the PDF converter. Simply make the changes and save it back into PDF before saving or sending the PDF file.

OCR (Optical Character recognition)
Turn your PDF files into easily searchable documents!. OCR makes it possible to search for text within scanned images/documents, making your PDF documents more time efficient to work with.

Freebie Details

Expert PDF 8 Professional Converter is being given away for free by Avanquest. These are no details how long this freebie will be available so grab it while you can; if history is any indicator, as soon as an Avanquest freebie is posted on dotTech it is reposted all over the web and Avanquest shuts down the freebie for those that haven’t already gotten it.

Take note this is a German promotion so the registration process and program installation will be in German. After install, however, we will show you how to turn the program into English.

To get Expert PDF 8 Professional Converter for free, do the following:

Version being given out for free: v8.0.360

Free updates: Unknown

Free support: Unknown

Supported OS: Windows 2000 and higher

Download size: 54.8 MB

Giveaway time-frame: Unknown — it can be closed at anytime

Can be installed/reinstalled at later date: Unknown

  • Visit the promotion page, fill out the form, and hit the submit button:


If you do it successfully, you should see the following success page:


When you see the above page, you can close it.

  • Now check the inbox of the email address you entered. Look for an email from “” with subject of “Ihr WebEasy Seriennummer : E-Mail-Bestätigung”. (If you cannot find the email, look in your spam/junk box.) In the email there is a link you click to click/follow:


  • Once you click the link, you will be taken to a page that gives you a serial key; copy the key:


  • Download and install Expert PDF 8 Professional Converter. The installer is not in English — it is in German, but is very easy to install. If you need help, do what the following screenshots show:







  • Once installed, run the program, go to ‘Hilfe’ -> ‘Vollersion aktiverion’:


  • Paste the serial key you copied earlier into field that pops up and click ‘Aktivieren’:


  • If you get the following success message, then you have successfully registered:


  • Now close the program, there is a step you need to do to turn it into English.
  • Next go to C:\Program Files\Avanquest\PDF Experte 8 Professional (C:\Program Files (x86)\Avanquest\PDF Experte 8 Professional for 64-bit users) and delete all the .DEU files:


  • Done!

Grats, you are now the owner of Expert PDF 8 Professional Converter. Without paying a cent. Enjoy!

[Thanks DavidJ]

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  • Mike

    [@Steve] Not nice of it, when a program inserts itself–bad behavior. But no need to un-install–you just can go to the Windows default program list and change the default program back to what you want (and add it back to the Start folder as well, if needed). Interestingly, the program didn’t change the program defaults for me.

  • Steve

    Expert PDF 8 causes some problems. It makes itself the default PDF opener. It removed Nuance PDF reader from my Start folder of PDF readers,… When I uninstalled it, Nuance came back.

  • janet

    [@canova] Thats great! You are better off anyway, as Ashraf says the German version is only the converter, while the Eng version is the whole nine yards….:-)….!

  • Mike

    [@canova] Good to know, in case the program stops working–thanks!

  • canova


    I think you are correct. I uninstalled the program and tried to install it again but I couldn’t get through the process…. kept receiving a message (in German) about a wrong serial number. So, after reading something on the Forums section, I downloaded a previous giveaway in English and installed it. The generic serial number provided on the Forums page was accepted. Since I couldn’t find a way to stop the automatic updates, I blocked the software via firewall. It’s been working okay so far. I hope my solution might help someone else with a similar issue.

  • janet


    Could it have updated itself (via automatic update)? If it did, the code you have would not work on the updated version. Just a guess….

  • Sammo

    That is exactly what originally happened to me way back with the first giveaway. It worked for a few days then said it was expired. Now I get the invalid serial number error.

  • David Roper

    Am I watching a storm brewing?

  • canova


    Yes, I read your previous comments. My situation is different, however. I was able to install and use the software for two days. It worked fine and it looked FULL and registered. It just reverted to TRIAL status today without any logical (?) reason. Any solution/suggestion is appreciated.

  • Sammo

    I have had this same problem with every version they have given away I never got any of them to work. See my earlier comments.

  • canova

    Hello. I installed the software the day of the promotion (4 August). Followed your directions to change the langiuage to English. Everything worked fine until now. I just launched the program and there is a message saying that I have a trial version. My serial number (received from the German site) does’t work anymore. Anyone else with the same issue? Please help!
    Thank you.

  • janet

    Hi Mikerman—Thanks. As I said in my August 5, 2013 at 6:35 AM post, I actually had followed ALL your instructions on page 1 .:-)..just to get back to the same Expert PDF 8 Professional I had before. Ieven did the LUKernel.exe fix because I was getting the EXTERNAL EXCEPTION IN MODULE KERNELBASE.DLL problem. Thanks for that reference as well. All the program’s .exe’s (the suite modules) open fine—except PDFEditor.exe(!), (which is the target for the ‘Expert PDF 8 Professional’ shortcut icon). It (and it alone!) still gives me the KERNELBASE window…:-(… I will eventually contact Visagesoft, but I had spent so much time on this by then, that I needed a break…:-)… If I buy a pdf editor, I think I would get PDF- XChange because their viewer is a really fine app—extremely comprehensive selection of annotation tools.

  • Mikerman

    The Avanquest website, for signing up with them (at top):

    They really do have some nice products–I purchased their WillCreator software earlier.

  • David Roper

    [@Mikerman] Thanks for saying this outloud. It helps the developer think about future Give Aways. It’s what is right for us DotTechers to do.

    OMG, I’m preaching now. Sorry!

  • Ashraf

    [@Mikerman] Agreed.

  • Mikerman

    By the way, for those who install the English version, I do recommend that you sign up with Avanquest, either at its website or by going through the steps to get the key for the German version (as I did)–it seems only fair for the publisher . . . .

  • Mikerman

    [@janet] Hey, Janet, I don’t exactly remember where your program is at, at this point–I don’t recall if you “lost” your earlier install of the full editor program. If that’s the case, you might want to install the English version of the full program, from my comment on page 1 of the Comments here–from what I now understand from Ashraf’s explanation of Avanquest’s very confusing naming convention for the various versions of the program, that should get you back to where you were, with the full version of the editing program–and fixing the hang-up that your version of the program had been giving you recently. At least as of the weekend, the full English version still was available–personally, I’d grab it sooner rather than later, while it’s available. Enjoy!

  • Ashraf


    1) I never said otherwise. Trust me, I’ve been running dotTech for years — by now I can understand what people mean.

    2) No, but it was clearly in between the lines. Refer back to running dotTech for years.

    3) I think you need a reality check.

    Do I sound pissed yet? Good. I am always open to feedback and comments, especially when I’m wrong. However, I don’t appreciate people who think they are always right. I explained the situation in my first reply to you, that the confusion was arising from the different names in German/English. And your response, well, was simply arrogant:

    I find it VERY strange that “Expert PDF 8 Professional” would be a full pdf suite in the English version while the exact same name only one module of the Suite in the German version…..:-)…. The fact of the matter is that in previous German offers, Expert PDF 8 Professional gave us the full suite….

  • janet


    1. The word CORRECTION in my last post was a correction to my previous post, not a correction to anything you wrote….:-)….. I was correcting my post to say that it referred to all the screenshots regarding downloading, installing, registering; and not to the very top, first screenshot, as you said.

    2. Please note that nowhere in any of my posts did I ever say you were wrong about anything…..:-)…. I was only pointing out facts which I found (and still find) confusing—-I have no point to “prove” here..:-)…

    3. I think you owe me an apology….:-)….

  • janet

    Can anyone tell us what the name of the download file is for this article’s offer (I don’t want to go through all the hoops as I already have the full suite).

  • Ashraf

    [@janet] No offense, but I’m the one who wrote this freebie offer (and many other freebie offers), so when I’m telling you the difference between German and English versions, you should probably listen instead of trying to prove yourself right.

    As for your comment that previous German offers Pro gave full suite, you are once again wrong. Look at the screenshots under “Freebie Details” at and you will clearly see they freebie is called Ultimate in German whereas it is simply Professional in English. Hence Ultimate in German = Professional in English = full PDF editing and Professional in German = Professional Converter in English = just a converter.

  • janet

    ALL the screenshots under Ashraf’s

    “To get Expert PDF 8 Professional Converter for free, do the following:”

    are of “Expert PDF 8 Professional” and “Expert PDF 8 Pro”–including the pictures on the app’s box. NONE of these screenshots say “Expert PDF 8 Professional Converter”…..

    I find it VERY strange that “Expert PDF 8 Professional” would be a full pdf suite in the English version while the exact same name only one module of the Suite in the German version…..:-)…. The fact of the matter is that in previous German offers, Expert PDF 8 Professional gave us the full suite….

    Are there folks here who downloaded this article’s offer who did not already have Expert PDF 8 Professional on their system?? Did you guys get ONLY a single window—the simple converter?

  • Suze

    [@Mikerman] Hmmmm. I just checked my C:\Program Files and, sure enough, there was an “Avanquest update” folder — from when I installed Expert PDF Pro 6 (v6.32) from dotTech on 8/31/12 . . .

  • Mikerman

    [@jivadas] I just double-checked my computer’s installed program list under Window’s Control Panel, and Avanquest installed 2 programs when I installed Expert PDF 8 Profssional: that program, and the separate “Avanquest update”. If you want to uninstall these, my assumption is that you need to uninstall each one separately and that uninstalling one does not uninstall the other. Easy enough to do. :^)

  • jivadas

    Some while back I indicated how I had tried to upload this offer, using the short meathod, downloading an old trial version. It failed to install, after asking me (twice) for 75 pounds.
    I uninstalled with my “Uninstall Tool” (which I got free through these pages–an easy and effective uninstaller). This elegant tool runs the native uninstall, and then looks for traces. It found, and deleted, the update file–which is a direct line to my hard drive.
    Today I happened to browse my programs, and found an Avanquest Updater at the head of the list. (I uninstalled, of course. And the leftovers here were a whiz of files, too many to note.)
    So I repeat my question, why is the updater leftover after the native uninstall (the one that Windows uses)? Someone suggested earlier a likely reason, but it does not account for the fact that the separately installed Updater itself left a horde of traces on my hard drive, until I tooled them out.
    I see only two possibilities: bad programming, as one reader suggested; or the bad manners of stealing the key to my wine-cellar. An updater can send whatever it wants to your PC.

    Is there another possibility than these two?


  • Mikerman

    [@Ashraf] As far as I am aware, the English version referenced and linked to in the page 1 Comments above, of the English-language Avanquest Expert PDF 8 Professional, includes editing capabilities–at least, with a fairly clean document, I was able to edit text (delete text, add to it, change the text, etc.). The Help screens for the program likewise instruct on how to edit text, and the program files include the file PDFEditor. I assume that makes it an editor (among other things). :^)

  • David Roper

    Sometimes when you find a “free” Lunch box with food in it, the food isn’t really that good even if you are hungry.

  • Ashraf

    [@Tom] Ditto. I haven’t really been following this conversation but, from what I can tell, the English version being passed around is different than the German freebie I posted about. This freebie is of Expert PDF 8 Pro Converter, which is not a PDF editor.

    [@janet] Wrong. Look at the first screenshot, it clearly says Expert PDF 8 Professional Converter. Plus, if it were the full PDF editor, I would have said so in my article — I specifically mention this is Converter.

    The confusion is arising from the fact that Expert PDF 8 Pro Converter is known as Expert PDF 8 Professional in German while Expert PDF 8 Professional is known as Expert PDF 8 Ultimate in German.

    This is a giveaway of Expert PDF 8 Pro Converter — it isn’t a PDF editor. I don’t know about the English version being passed around.

  • janet

    [@Tom] what’s the name of the download file?
    ALL of Ashraf’s screenshots are of “Expert PDF 8 Professional” and “Expert PDF 8 Pro”–including the pictures of the app’s box.
    NONE of the screenshots say “Expert PDF 8 Professional Converter”…..

  • Tom

    The link that Dottech published is a pdf converter, not an editor, just as the article says. It differs from the “english” program published in these comments which is an “editor”. It is comparable to Advanced PDF Utilities Free (in my opinion, the latter is far superior, and it is “free”. FWIW you can change the language without deleting files in the registry. Search for “experte” and you’ll eventually find the entries. Use “eng” where “deu” appears, and “1” for “7” in locale.

  • Sonny

    I spent about 5 hours testing/tweaking/installing/reinstalling both English version and German version. I have win 7 64 bit with the C++ library/run time etc., so please don’t say I didn’t know what was doing! It installed, opened up PDFs, OCR, fine, but after it OCRed a PDF and when I clicked Save button, all the pages turned white and I couldn’t see the texts anymore, but strangely, I could still select the text blindly and paste it in Notepad fine! I also get tesseract3.dll error at a random memory address!! Please any idea?

  • Mikerman

    [@janet] I must admit, I mainly use a PDF editor for page restructuring (adding/deleting/re-ordering) as well, as I try to keep e-records rather than printing out until needed. Avanquest Expert PDF works fine for that.

  • janet

    [@Ashraf] The only reason I haven’t purchased a pdf editor is because I actually make pretty much all my pdf’s in CorelDraw, where you have FULL control over every tiny aspect of the pdf. And of course you can make pdf’s from any program you can print from (which is pretty much every program) with any of the many free pdf printers. I liked the pdf editor for adding, deleting and changing the order of pages, which doesn’t really require a full pdf editor.

  • Mikerman

    [@janet] Revo Uninstaller is one’s best friend. :^)

  • janet

    I meant a COMPLETE UNinstall with e.g., Revo Uninstaller….:-)….

  • janet

    [@David Roper] I recommend you do a COMPLETE install with e.g., Rvo Uninstaller, and than follow Mikerman’s directions on the first page of Comments for the ENGLISH version. It has worked for other, so it might work for you. I have gotten the impression that people new to Expert PDF do fine on installations. It’s when you already have it installed that there are problems–as though something stays in the registry somewhere. The last time it was offered, I could not get the reg code to work. You might as well give the English version a try…..

  • Mikerman

    [@David Roper] As you may have seen from the comments above, the “English’ version of the program that I installed seems to be slightly different from the “German” version. Either that difference or my having updated to what seems to be the most recent version of the program seems to have given my version of the program the “enhanced” (read, normal) editing abilities which you haven’t been finding. You might try seeing if you can update your version to the most recent (under the Help menu) or, if you’re feeling up to it, uninstalling the German version and then re-installing the English (see my instructions on the 1st page of comments). I agree that the text editing ability of the program is weak/weaker than it should be. Having said that, I’ve been able to edit clean text that I created in a Notepad document and then printed out in a PDf; but fuzzy text in a jpg image, no.

  • David Roper

    [@Mikerman] Let’s “string” him up (pun intended).

    While I have you, lemme tellou what I tried. I made a PDF that said “this is a test”. Opened it with the module labeled Professional. There it is. Clicked on darkened TEXT icon at top expecting to be able to draw a lasso, box or something around the text to edit. No lasso, no box. I could not do anything with it at all.

    I am beginning to think now that my stopping it from installing in the start menu stopped some other task from completing. dunno??

    Janet told me to hold on, but I am just 15 minutes away from uninstalling it and chalking it up to a bad dream. I didn’t like deleting all the .deu files to make English work. Why would a software writer make that even possible for goodness sakes?

  • Mikerman

    [@Ashraf] Heresy! ;^)

  • Ashraf

    [@janet] Sometimes you need to shell out $$$ for software

  • Mikerman

    [@janet] Arggh–I’m tired of this bugginess!

  • janet

    [@David Roper] I’m afraid this is the ONLY FULL PDF EDITOR I have ever seen offered anywhere in all my years of dottech and GAOTD!!

    I periodically cannot get it to open–like now. I did ALL that Mikerman said on page 1 (just to get back to the same Expert PDF 8 Professional I had before). All the exe’s open OK—except PDFEditor.exe!!!!! I am once again looking into buying PDX-Exchange (their free viewer is my default PDF viewer)…..

  • David Roper

    [@Mikerman] My task manager stopped it from including it in my startup as well. I just said NO to them, and it continued just fine. I will run them when “I” say so, not them.

    ElwoodJr, that’s a nightmare you had. So sorry to hear it.

    I may just uninstall this program because of the problems it caused you. There are others that Ashraf will find for us that will do the same thing safely.

  • Mikerman

    [@ElwoodJr] Sorry to hear that–scary stuff. I saw that the program puts something into the computer start-up menu, as so many programs try to do–AnVir Task Manager on my computer stopped it from doing so. Perhaps that was the issue, and an incompatibility.

  • ElwoodJr

    I had the German/English version seemingly working okay, but then decided to give the English/English version a try, uninstalled, restored my registry after deleting related folders, followed the instructions about using the separate update file, then let it update and had it installed. But when I restarted my computer (something I always do after installing software), I couldn’t even get into Windows (XP) without a blue screen of death. Tried safe mode and unchecked the startup in Codestuff Starter, still couldn’t boot normally without blue screen.

    Had to be a driver incompatibility.

    Finally used my Paragon Backup and Recovery (free) rescue disk to restore an image and everything is back to normal, but I won’t be installing this program again. I have ISkysoft PDF to Word converter and it works fine, but I thought this might be a superior program.

    I don’t think it’s compatible with XP and I know it’s completely incompatible with my particular configuration which I haven’t seen a blue screen in years. Not since attempting to install a PCI-X 3 graphics card without updating my bios to increase compatibility. I finally found a Galaxy PCI-X 2 GTX 550 Ti that I like very much without having to update my bios again.

  • Mikerman

    [@TonyS] Yeah, boy does this one take a certain amount of work! ;^) My recommendation: see if the updating under the Help tab brings the extra sections back. If not, maybe uninstall the “German” version and install the English (see my post on the first page of comments)–that seems to bring the most and most recent features. And have a good eve/day–

  • TonyS

    Wow, thanx for prompt reply. Pls excuse my blank comments 57 & 60…not sure what I did.

    Anyway, no need to apologize. Your remarks were very straightforward. As you surmised, my menu looks like the one you mentioned, lacking those two sections.

    I’ll follow up on your suggestions, but not now. Have spent several hours on this and need a break. :-)

    I had the freebie when offered in February and it worked perfectly, so this was a big disappointment. I uninstalled it when two of the modules stopped working. Hoping this is OK if I ever get it running.

    Thanks again…greatly appreciated.

  • TonyS
  • Mikerman

    [@TonyS] Sorry for the confusion, Tony! Looking at the software picture at the top of the column here (click on it to enlarge it), I assume that this is what your software looks like. Mine is different, and has a Font and an Insert section between the Modes and Search sections, under the Home tab.

    The only thing I can think, is: I installed the English version of the program, and then it also updated to what I assume is the latest version (which the program’s About screen refers to as version 9.0.80, but which also is referred to elsewhere as version 8.40.1030.10), and the changes I have (the Font and Insert sections) were made in the English or this later version. If that’s of interest to you, you might try updating under the Help tab of your program,and/ or installing the English version (see my instructions on the first page of the Comments here). Again, my apologies for the confusion!

  • TonyS

    There is no “Insert” section as you described:

    “…the steps are: open the PDF document under Expert PDF; under the Home tab, click on the Select Text icon to the left, in the Modes section; and next click on the Text Tool icon in the Insert section.”

    Modes is there but definitely no “Font” section either.

    I’ve opened & closed Expert PDF many times, using numerous files. What am I missing and am I the only one who doesn’t see those sections?

  • TonyS
  • Mikerman

    [@CJ Cotter] Yep, I can understand that the program would not like “challenging” jobs. It seems to do best with clear type–it just did fine with a sample document I typed in Notepad; converted to a PDF; and then had the program convert to a Word document.

  • Mikerman

    [@David Roper] So, Dave, I experimented some and actually got the program to edit PDF text. As best I can tell, the steps are: open the PDF document under Expert PDF; under the Home tab, click on the Select Text icon to the left, in the Modes section; and next click on the Text Tool icon in the Insert section. At that point, you can insert/delete/edit text by clicking where you want to do this in the PDF document; and you also, then, can change the typeface in the Font section.

    Perhaps understandably, the program does best with “easy” text like typewriter-type text; it worked just fine with a test document of standard typeface that I created under Notepad and then printed/saved as a PDF file (using Expert PDF for that as well). Less successful was fuzzy print in a PDF I received in an email.

    Hope this helps–definitely,a bit wearing on one’s patience!

  • CJ Cotter

    Had no problems as a result of following the instructions here, or in registering it. So I thought I’d try it out with a PDF that has text on top of graphics. The result? Awful, awful, awful. The output Word document was badly mangled and unusable. Thanks dotTech, but I’m giving it the Donald Trump.

  • Mikerman

    [@normofthenorth] Good to know about the code, thanks. Easy installs on all your computers! ;^)

    As to the functional differences between the German and English versions, as best I recall, the main (or maybe only?) difference was that the German version added some shortcuts to the Start menu, to get directly to functions of the program rather than having to go through the program’s main menu. I thought that could be handy, and so simply created an Expert PDF folder on my Start menu; dragged the main program start icon there; created short-cuts for the sub-applications of the program, listed as applications in the program directory; and then moved those shortcuts into the Start menu folder as well. In essence, doing manually what the German version does automatically. Again, my hunch is that the more recent versions of the program simply have done away with those short-cuts.

  • normofthenorth

    “the two Help files, expertpdf and pdfeditor (listed as compiled HTML Help files)” have .chm as an extension (of course).

    Meanwhile, I’ve followed Mike’s instructions above to install and register (free) the full English PDF Expert 8 Professional program on my second computer. I’m going to try the trick with the English .chm help files to fix the German version on my first computer, but if it doesn’t work, I’ll just install the English version there, too. it seems to have the same features, or very close.

    BTW, I did use a second e-dress to get a second access code for the German version, and it IS the same access code. And Ashraf (or somebody) posted that all the English codes are the same (as each other), too.

  • Mikerman

    [@David Roper] Candidly, I’m a bit dubious about the “protected text” claim and wonder if that’s a bit of an excuse. I could swear that I was able to edit more text when I used Nitro PDF Professional (a paid software) a few years ago–but only a head-to-head test would tell.

  • David Roper

    [@Mikerman] I’m sorry now that i asked. It never entered my mind that the PDF could be protected. I had marked a line and tried to edit but to no avail.

    If it knows it’s protected, I wonder why there’s not a little red flag that alerts me not to worry?

    Thanks again for helping me. Love Dottech people like you.

  • Mikerman

    [@David Roper] What exactly do you mean by edit? We might be talking at cross-angles–I thought that something like selecting text and then being able to edit it was general editing. Were you trying to do something else? (I’m pretty basic with programs like these.)

    Here’s what the Help file says about editing text. I have sometimes found that this works, but sometimes/often it hasn’t (the guide says that editing won’t work with “protected text”). I’ve been able to delete text and add in comments, but have found it less easy to edit the text that’s there.

    “You use the Select Text tool to select individual characters, words, or sentences. To select a text box, use the Select tool.

    To select individual characters, words, or sentences:

    1. Go to the page with the text.

    2. Click the Home tab.

    3. Click the Text Select button.

    4. Click to position the insertion point before the text.

    5. Drag to select the text.

    After selecting the text, you can edit the text or use the tools on the Home tab to format the selected text.”

  • David Roper

    [@Mikerman] [@Mikerman] Please help me find it. Really. I loaded a PDF in the Prof module (1 of the 3 icon shortcuts made) and it has text select which i can do, and search, convert, rotate, and view. I do not see edit yet.

  • Mikerman

    [@David Roper] David, as I mentioned above, PDFEditor is there.

  • Mikerman
  • David Roper

    [@janet] Janet, I agree with you. I t has provision to convert to a DOC file and so you COULD edit it there and convert (back) to PDF, but that’s not the same as editing a PDF. Hmmmm???

  • David Roper

    [@stefan] I’m apologize ahead of time if this is too juvenile for an explanation, but Whole number versions are Major ones worthy of upgrade money, Tenths are significant to warrant a close look by the user before Money changes hands, and hundreths and thousanths are freckles on Miss America’s Butt, they usually matter not in the use of the program. YMMV.

  • Mikerman

    [@janet] And, I just edited some text in a PDF, although it feels like it was easier to do this, and more successsful, with Nitro PDF Professional when I used that a few years ago (but it’s been awhile since I’ve done that and I don’t have Nitro around right now to do a side-by-side comparison, which would be the fair test).

  • Mikerman

    [@davel] Norton Internet Security 2013 had no issue with the program. (It did raise a flag to the program’s separate updater file that I ran, based solely on not knowing much about the reputation of that file. I ran the file with no issue.)

  • Mikerman

    [@janet] PDFEditor is there (it’s part of the main Expert PDF 8 Professional program, and separately can be run, if you want to), and text can be edited, according to the program–I think that the PDF I had just couldn’t be, or I didn’t know how to get it done.

  • davel

    iolo System Shield has blocked this as Infected “W32/FakeAlert.RV.gen!Eldorado”

  • Mikerman

    [@normofthenorth] One thing that I noticed is that the German version has these various separate run options (PDF to Word Converter, Batch Converter, Creator, Expert PDF 8 Professional) in the start menu, whereas installing via the English version (see my earlier post above with the links/instructions) produces a single run option for the program–but then the other capabilities are still in the program, accessible via the toolbar; and one also can go to the program folder and separately create shortcuts for the other capabilities if you want, rather than going through the program’s main menu. I assume that Avanquest did this to make the program seem uniform and a whole, rather than separate pieces, and this may be a result of my updating to the most recent version of the program.

    Also, here is the program’s Help file’s listing of the program’s capabilities:

    Expert PDF Professional has a print driver to use for creating PDF files from any open document in any program with a Print command.

    For details on using the Expert PDF print driver, see “Printing with the Expert PDF Print Driver” in Expert PDF Help.

    Expert PDF integrates with Microsoft Office 2000 and later. During installation, Expert PDF adds an Expert PDF tab with buttons (or a menu) to Microsoft Office programs. For more information about creating PDF files from Office documents, see “Creating PDF Files in Microsoft Office” in Expert PDF Help.

    You can save PDF settings so you can create PDF files with the same attributes. For more information about editing and saving PDF settings, see “Editing PDF Settings” in Expert PDF Help.

    With Expert PDF Professional, you can read and adjust existing PDF files, and create new PDF files. For details, see “Working with PDF Files” and “Editing PDF Files” in Expert PDF Professional Help. You can also specify advanced security settings and create PDF forms. For detailed information, see “Creating PDF Forms” in Expert PDF Professional Help.

    With Expert PDF Batch Creator, you can convert multiple source files into one or more PDF files. For more information, see “Creating PDF Files in Batches” in Expert PDF Help.

    With Expert PDF to Word Converter, you can convert any PDF file into an RTF file to open in word-processing or text-editing programs. See “Converting PDF Files” in Expert PDF Help for details.

  • janet

    [@Mikerman] If it can’t edit text, it’s not a PDF editor….:-)….

  • janet

    [@normofthenorth] Sounds like the most important one is missing:



  • stefan

    [@normofthenorth] Yep, it certainly looks like the same thing – 3 desktop icons, batch converter in the Start ¦ Programs and Home link in the Avanquest’ folder in All Programs. Thanks.

  • Mikerman

    It installs Avanquest’s Expert PDF 8 Professional, with editing abilities, as well as conversion and OCR. But I haven’t used the program before, and so don’t know how the editing tools compare to earlier tools/versions. Having said that, I just used the program a few minutes ago to delete some pages from the middle of a multi-page PDF (basic, I know, but not typically available in the free PDF creators). But I couldn’t figure out how to edit some text in a PDF earlier today (although I easily could add text)–I don’t know if the text in the PDF I had was capable of being edited.

  • normofthenorth

    Folks, I’m not sure about the difference in the versions, but the new one i just installed from Ashraf’s links & instructions, put THREE new icons on my desktop — Professional, PDF to Word Converter, and Creator (all with “PDF Experte” included) — PLUS a Batch Converter in Start | Programs. (And all 4 plus PDF Pro 8 Home are in “All Programs” under Avantquest. . .)

    So I think this new one contains all the parts you’re looking for.

  • janet

    PS The article says
    Expert PDF 8 Professional Converter
    but the screenshots say
    Expert PDF 8 Professional.

    What exactly does the installation file install?

  • janet

    [@Mikerman] This is so weird! Since a few days ago, I have been unable to open my long-ago-installed-and-registered Expert PDF 8 Professional–I started getting a window: “EXTERNAL EXCEPTION IN MODULE KERNELBASE.DLL “!!! And now I check in to dottech and find your fix!! Hope it works for me–I have had trouble in the past with this app (more than once) where it worked for ages and then all of a sudden locked me out….:-(….

    Expert PDF 6 was a FULL, true PDF editor. When they added the “Professional” i.e., Expert PDF 7 Professional, it had MUCH fewer functions!! It overwrote my great v.6 and I was never able to get the v.6 back….:-(…. Now it seems that they have turned Expert PDF Professional into just a converter (???). So I am now afraid to install it for fear of losing my old v.8 EDITOR in the same way I lost my v.6 FULL EDITOR….. Is this new version a true editor??

  • Mikerman

    [@fds] Because too many programmers like to be piggish and try to each take control of us and our systems, unfortunately–adding their programs to our Start-up folder until our systems are crawling, uninstalling without deleting all of their files and changes, setting themselves as defaults, adding shortcuts and toolbars, etc., etc. . . . :^(

  • fds

    I followed the steps and the program installed perfectly, BUT it changes the file association for .pdf files.

    It’s not a problem, I’ve changed it back, but, for the life of me, why would they do such a thing? As if every pdf file I open needs to be converted…

  • stefan

    [@Ashraf] I downloaded, installed and registered the Avanquest Expert PDF Professional 8 (v 8.0.350) which featured on DotTech in February this year. Even though I forgot to uncheck the “Automatically check for updates” in the program’s Update Settings back then and lost the program upon first automatic attempt to download and install an update, I was able to re-install it from .exe file and register it again using the same Reg Key which I had in my mailbox.
    What I would like to know is the difference between versions 8.0.350 and today’s 8.0.360? Ashraf you are referring to today’s program as “Expert PDF 8 Professional Converter” while my older version’s official name is “Expert PDF 8 Professional” (without the Converter part) Is version 8.0.360 somehow limited comparing to the one I’m using (mine version of Expert PDF 8 Professional contains “Batch creator”, “Creator” and “Word converter”)?
    Second question is. Will installation of today’s version overwrite mine v.8.0.350 or I will be able to keep both independently? Does anyone know?

  • normofthenorth

    [@Ashraf] OK, thanks Ashraf.

  • normofthenorth

    I installed this on one computer, and tried the OCR option on a scanned letter that I’d already OCR’ed using an online website/converter. The website did a decent job, only butchering some of the faintest and most stylized text, like in the header and footer on the letterhead. The printed text was almost perfect.
    Using this program seemed WAY LESS FRIENDLY in a coup;le of ways. First, it seems to be impossible to look at the OCR’d text without first saving it as a PDF with the original name in the original place (i.e., overwriting the image). Really, or am I missing something?
    Secondly, when I tried searching for some common words, it found some instances, but they were all surrounded by gobbledygook OCR-typo errors, suggesting that it did a terrible job with the OCR.
    In addition to trying to Save after doing the OCR, I also tried to convert the PDF to a DOC file, but it was still an image, and then I couldn’t run OCR any more (or open the file with Expert PDF Pro).

    Somebody let me know if I missed something useful. This may still be very handy for doing PDF edits that are too elaborate for Foxit Reader, but it seems to be a bust for OCR.

  • Ashraf

    [@normofthenorth] I haven’t tried it myself but my guess is yes, you can — my experience with Avanquest giveaways tells me everyone is getting the same key.

  • Mikerman

    [@normofthenorth] With the “English version,” yes, as the serial number is the same for everyone. With the German version, why not just sign up under 2 separate email accounts, just in case?

  • normofthenorth

    Does anybody know if you can install this on two different computers using the same Serial Number? Same installation file with 2 Serial Numbers?

  • normofthenorth

    @UFGatorCPA: In Windows Explorer, go to Tools | Folder Options | View . Under “Advanced Options”, select “Show. . .” and deselect “Hide. . .” and “Don’t show. . .”, and you’ll see everything. Of course, Watch Your Step, because you’ll have the power!

  • WildCat

    Did Avanquest buy Visage soft? I followed instructions, but looks as if it did an update(?) instead of an install. Because all of the files are in C:\Program Files (x86)\Visagesoft\eXPert PDF 6… It erased the icons that I had for the original eXPERT PDF progs. And now still wants me to register again when I open it… Grrrrr!!! :( Thoughts?

  • UFGatorCPA


    Okay. I solve the issue on my own by using a file management program I had previously downloaded thanks to Giovanni at GOTD. This file mgt program clearly revealed all 19 of the *.deu files which are now deleted.

    I opened the program again and it is now in English! Mystery solved.

    Thanks to everyone who offered help and suggestions.

  • Mike

    [@jivadas] It seems that Avanquest stores its Updater separately from the PDF Editor–it might be that the Updater services all of Avanquest’s programs, as versus just the PDF Editor (I’ve seen other companies go this route, such as Apple, Microsoft, etc.). And so, if you are uninstalling, you need to uninstall both the PDF Editor AND the Updater, like 2 distinct programs. At least, that’s how it worked for me.

  • UFGatorCPA

    Yes, I looked in the correct folder. Someone suggested that the files might be hidden. I checked the folder properties and it shows 195 files and seven folders, yet I only see four folders and 87 files. I have administrator rights on my computer.

    So, if the files are hidden and it now appears that they are, how do I reveal them?

  • Mike

    [@Richard] And a way, I think, to get the Help files in English, if you really want them and are going the install route listed in the main article (as vs. the “direct to English” route listed in the Comments):

    Download one of the English versions of the software listed in the “direct to English” method above (it can be the trial version); in the program’s directory folder, copy the two Help files, expertpdf and pdfeditor (listed as compiled HTML Help files); uninstall the English version; install the German version following the instructions above, including deleting the German-language files; and then copy the two English-language Help files into the program folder, overwriting the 2 files there. I haven’t tried this but am guessing that this will result in the Help files now displaying in English (but just to be on the safe side, I’d copy the 2 original Help files before overwriting them, in case you need them back).

  • jivadas

    I got as far as the update routine. I was asked twice for 75 bob, but everything went well otherwise. But then I ran into error messages. So I did an uninstall on my aptly named “uninstall tool”, which first executes the program uninstall. But then this clever machine checks for leftovers.
    One of the leftovers was the update connection. Why would they leave that behind?
    I’m inclined to agree with Sammo, but I’d say worse than rubbish.
    But I still love you, Ashraf…

  • Mike

    [@Sammo] Hmmm, worked for me, under both methods. Do make sure that if you are using the “direct to the English version” steps, you are using the registration code listed there.

    And the software is far from rubbish–sorry you’re having problems and feeling frustrated!

  • Richard

    Worked great for me. All of the important stuff like the bar is in English, Only a few things like help file are not.
    Thanks for the program

  • Sammo

    Followed the instructions to the letter. Still no joy. “Invalid Serial Number. (00000016)”
    Face it, their software is rubbish!

  • Mikerman

    And, another way to do it, direct to the English version and also to upgrade seemingly to the latest version (which the program’s About screen refers to as version 9.0.80, but which also is referred to elsewhere as version 8.40.1030.10):

    1. Download and install an earlier English trial version of the program, from:

    2. Once installed, launch the program and use the following generic registration code (same code for all users) that Avanquest had provided for this version, to upgrade from the trial version to the full version–done under the program’s Help tab:


    At this point, the program’s About screen, also under the Help tab, will have been revised to show that the full version has been registered (before this, the About tab will have noted that the version is a trial version).

    3. When you first launch the program, the program’s automatic Updater also will check and see that there is a more recent version o the program available–let the Updater download the files for the newer version (this will take as much time as the original download–all the program files will be downloaded again, in the latest version). As to the order of steps 2 and 3, I waited for the download of the updated files to be complete and then entered in the registration code–but it looks like you can complete the registration before and/or while the updated files are being downloaded.

    4. When the download of the updated files is complete, exit the program and restart it, for the updated files to be installed.


    You may hit a glitch with the update when you restart the program–you may get an error message along the lines of:


    Avanquest provides the following information and solution:

    “Frequently Asked Questions

    FAQ #4311

    Q I am receiving a EXTERNAL EXCEPTION IN MODULE KERNELBASE.DLL error when I launch Expert PDF.


    This problem can occur if the Liveupdate engine encounters a problem. To resolve this you update the Liveupdate engine manually. Please follow these instructions:

    1. Click to download the update
    2. When prompted Click on Save
    3. Double-click on the file to launch it
    4. Follow the onscreen instructions to install the update
    5. Once the update has completed launch Expert PDF 8. You will be prompted that a product update is available.
    6. Click on INSTALL
    7. If any errors appear click on OK to accept them. The update will then install.

    You will now be able to use Expert PDF.”

    This happened to me and the Avanquest solution ultimately did the trick (I hit a glitch with the process and ended up uninstalling my initial installation and starting from scratch again–the process went smoothly the second time).

    One last thing– although I was able to get the English version of the program at the link above (in step 1), some people have noted that the link for the English version isn’t working, and have suggested an alternate download link:

    I haven’t researched that source further, apart from seeing that it seemingly is for full version 8.0.0140.0. I haven’t tried installing that version to make sure that the above registration code works with it or that this version is pre-registered.


  • Mikerman

    Many thanks–nice to have this software around!

    The only thing I noticed as to the language issue when I installed and modified earlier was, after deleting the German files, the “how often to check for updates” screen under the Help tab/Updates/Update Settings (easy enough to figure out) and the Help files remained in German. I wonder if they did this for others as well, or if I missed something.

    Regardless, great to have this helpful (and free) software around.

  • Sammo

    [@David Roper]
    I tried multiple times. By pasting, typing, etc. Nada. The original error was in German and I translated it. I had this exact same issue with the last version (which I completely uninstalled long ago). Can’t use or recommend their stuff if it won’t even register.

  • ElwoodJr

    Thanks for this.

    There is one small problem though. I found an article on how to fix it in older versions of this software (I think), but the values in the registry are not the same and I don’t know enough about the registry to fiddling around in there.

    The startup program consumes about 35MB of memory on my system and being as how I use XPHE SP3 and have 2GB RAM, it would be nice to be able to fix it.

    I could use a little help here if Ashraf or some other expert in the area could assist I would appreciate it very much.

  • David Roper

    [@Sammo] My serial number was one of those cut and paste 6 sets of four characters each. Like 0000-0000-0000-0000-0000-0000

    Try again

  • Sammo

    Doesn’t work. I get “Invalid Serial Number. (00000016)”

  • David Roper

    [@UFGatorCPA] I used SEARCH EVERYTHING (freeware) and searched for .deu files. There were 23 of them. Highlighted and Deleted them. Voila, there’s the program in English.

    Start by falling in love with SEARCH EVERYTHING and download it.

  • jkenc2329

    I did not delete the .deu files in the Drivers folder under C:\Program Files\Avanquest\PDF Experte 8 Professional. Should I delete those .deu files as well? When I used Experte 8 Pro the two dialog boxes that appeared were still in German.

  • Pete Soderman

    They were there for me. Just a thought, are they hidden files?

  • Ashraf

    [@Anonimous] Welcome!

  • Ashraf

    [@UFGatorCPA] Are you sure you are looking in the right place? They are there. Try sorting by file type.

  • Anonimous

    I followed your instructions and everything looks perfect.

  • UFGatorCPA

    I followed all of the steps as described above. However, when I tried to do the last step (delete the deu files), there were not deu file in the indicated directory to delete.

    There is a series of BPL files and there are five different language files in the tessdata folder.

    Not sure what to do at this point. Can’t use the program if it remains in German.