First Surface ads were bashing the iPad, now Lumia ads are bashing the iPhone [Video]


A couple of months ago, Microsoft decided to market its Surface tablets by making fun of Apple’s iPad. Now it seems that Nokia has decided to go with the same tactic, as the latest ads for its Lumia 925 handset have the iPhone 5 firmly in its crosshairs.

If you remember Apple’s recent ads highlighting the fact that the iPhone is being used to take photos every day more than any other phone, Nokia’s commercial is a direct answer to that. In the ad, you’ll hear a line that reads:

“Every day, more photos are taken on the iPhone than any other phone. But at Nokia, we prefer to build for quality, not just quantity.”

This is followed by a number of comparisons showing the 925’s overall better performance over the iPhone’s camera, especially in terms of low-light situations.

It’s a pretty good parody of Apple’s ad, and overall a nice commercial for Nokia’s device. If only Apple would humor us by answering back — then things would get really entertaining.

[via Nokia (YouTube)]

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  • JT

    Just an observation from the two pictures above, look at the different cloud cover in both photos. The one for the iPhone 5 has a lot more, and darker cloud cover then the one from the Nokia. I’m sure the Nokia’s camera is better, but be fair in comparisons Nokia. :)