Google saved $877 million by paying Adblock to unblock Google ads, claims ad tracking company

As many of you may know by now, Google and Adblock, the popular ad-blocking browser extension, have had a complicated relationship.

Back in March, Google took down the Adblock Plus app from Play Store due to its “interference with another service or product in an unauthorized manner.” Then back in July, it was reported that Google and other companies have been paying Adblock to get ads whitelisted.

Now it is being said Google has saved million of dollars by paying Adblock ot not block Google ads.

According to PageFair , a company that determines “how much ad blocking costs websites,” Google saved $887 million by paying Adblock to whitelist Google ads. And this success by Google, according to PageFair, means Adblock’s future is not very bright due to ways websites will adapt to the blocking of ads:

“Other publishers must follow suit and rethink digital marketing strategies and the way they interact with customers, or our web experience may change drastically in the near future. The concept of a fully pay-per-view internet is a frightening but potential reality. Adblocking downloads are increasing at an alarming rate, while feasible alternatives to banner ad revenue are not. These ads may be a small inconvenience, but blocking ads will eventually lead to websites being forced to adopt costly measures we really don’t want.”

It should be noted that while $887 million is a huge amount, it is small considering Google makes tens of billions in revenue each yet. Still, it is scandalous.

[via Business Insider Image via Wired]

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