Google saved $877 million by paying Adblock to unblock Google ads, claims ad tracking company

As many of you may know by now, Google and Adblock, the popular ad-blocking browser extension, have had a complicated relationship.

Back in March, Google took down the Adblock Plus app from Play Store due to its “interference with another service or product in an unauthorized manner.” Then back in July, it was reported that Google and other companies have been paying Adblock to get ads whitelisted.

Now it is being said Google has saved million of dollars by paying Adblock ot not block Google ads.

According to PageFair , a company that determines “how much ad blocking costs websites,” Google saved $887 million by paying Adblock to whitelist Google ads. And this success by Google, according to PageFair, means Adblock’s future is not very bright due to ways websites will adapt to the blocking of ads:

“Other publishers must follow suit and rethink digital marketing strategies and the way they interact with customers, or our web experience may change drastically in the near future. The concept of a fully pay-per-view internet is a frightening but potential reality. Adblocking downloads are increasing at an alarming rate, while feasible alternatives to banner ad revenue are not. These ads may be a small inconvenience, but blocking ads will eventually lead to websites being forced to adopt costly measures we really don’t want.”

It should be noted that while $887 million is a huge amount, it is small considering Google makes tens of billions in revenue each yet. Still, it is scandalous.

[via Business Insider Image via Wired]

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  • stilofilos

    [@Ashraf] That is exactly the point indeed. But sorry hey Ashraf, Google is not too poor to give such services for free, aren’t they already paid well enough by businesses (and through them by their clients) for ‘optimizing’, manipulating and canalizing their search results ? Do they really need to push things that far and manipulate people with such backward tricks ? How do other search engines and providers of other similar services survive, that don’t rely on spyware and manipulation ? This is just slapping people in the face. Not that it’s my problem though, I don’t need Google.

  • AT

    When Adblock was updated on Chrome, there was a prompt on the screen to turn off the latest features that allowed for google ads. Opt in was the default. If you skipped past it, you cannot opt out (at least I wasn’t able to find it). An uninstall and re-install will get you to that screen again so you can opt out.

  • Ashraf

    [@Peter] [@stilofilos] You do realize nothing in life is free. All the free services provided by Google, and other websites, need to be funded from somewhere. So either you can start paying for all those services or stop criticizing Google for showing ads.

    I agree, though, Adblock is being unethical here — bait and switch, sort of.

  • stilofilos

    [@Ashraf] If users of their ‘service’ would have an opt-in possibility to enjoy their so cherished ads, then it might be ‘ethical’ to deliver them. Everyone his tastes, and let them cater to all needs, no problem. But as long as they don’t stop pushing tons of never asked junk through the throats of people who don’t want to be annoyed with it, there is something definitely unethical to it. Let them earn money if they honestly work for it, but cashing millions on the back of third parties who have to undergo whatever nonsense for their benefits, and one way or an other have to pay for such bribes when they decide to buy something … I can not call that ‘ethical’.
    Also Adblock not bring ashamed cheating people that way… what is ethical to that for heaven’s sake ? They never stop begging for donations. Just imagine you had paid them something…

  • Peter

    [@Ashraf] It is the 180 degree turn from ad-blocker to adware that disturbes users.

  • n.n

    Ashraf: It will be classified as an ethics violation if the market (i.e. consumers) decide that Google misrepresented the character of their services with ulterior motives. This was a source of controversy for other companies in the past, which, among other outcomes, imparted an improved perspective of Google.

  • Ashraf

    [@clockmendergb] Im sorry but how is it unethical for Google to pay to get ads unblocked that were never intended to be blocked in the first place? It is simply business.

  • clockmendergb

    so much for add blocker and so much for company ethics.
    Just shows you cannot trust any of them these days.

    Its not a surprise of course as they have the government who will use secret courts and ignore the constitution to spy on their own citizen to use as a good example