Solve this math problem if you want to unlock your phone [Image]


A car dealer offers Lachlan a car that is priced at $21800, but he only has a $600 deposit. Lachlan’s trade in is actually worth $500. The finance company insists on a 10% deposit for a 22% flat rate deal, so the dealer inflates the prices of both the trade-in and the car purchased. What are the inflated prices, and what is the monthly repayment to pay of the car in 4 years?

Monthly payment rounded to the nearest dollor

First number is 0

The story behind this is a student was caught using his phone during math class. So the math teacher took the phone, changed the pin code on it, and gave the phone back to the kid with an accompanying math problem… a math problem which, once solved, gives the pin code to unlock the phone.

Side note: not all teachers can spell equally. Dollor? Seriously? I’m bad at spelling but even I’m not that bad.

[via Reddit]

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